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The beta of the new Doorplate ARK has been over for several days. Now there are statistics that of the classes in the beta were most played and therefore most popular. We believe of Mango together.

Where do the information come from? During the Lost Ark Beta you had the opportunity to see the classification of the classic position, how many people just gamble the preferred class.

The LosTarkive.com page has worked up this information and made clear graphics from which we can read now which class was most popular.

How many classes are there? Although there are in Lost Ark, at least in the Korean version, currently 21 classes, the GAME in Europe seems only with 15 confirmed classes.

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However, there are always rumors that Lost Ark wants to surprise for the launch with a 16th grade, the Sorceress. Most recently, the Official Twitter account of Lost Ark has posted a teaser, but it deleted it after only 8 minutes. However, only 15 classes are confirmed.

Assassin bent at the top instead of the dark

What are the most popular classes? The assassins seem to arrive very well with their demon powers and blades with the players. On place 1, the shadow hunter is reflected, which was preferred by 11% of the fans.

The death blade, which also belongs to the assassins lands, densely behind it on 3rd place, with 9.77% of the characters created.

In between, the first magician moves in second place. With a large distance from your class colleague, the Hardin, the summoner reaches 10.49% place 2 the most popular character classes.

In place 4 the Gunslinger, who is the only one of the shooting classes to be so far in the lead. 9.30% of the players chose a Gunslinger while the other protectors are released on places 12, 11 and 10.

Similarly, the Gun lancer, who was almost the unpopular character in 14th place. His warrior friends of the Berserker and the Paladin, however, spaces 5 and 6 and are among the most popular classes.

This is how the distribution looks like: From Mango, we summarize the list for you and complete them by percentage points (via Lostarkive.com).

1. Shadow hunter — 11.02%
2 . Summoner — 10.49%
3 . Death blade — 9.77%
4 . Artists — 9.30%
5 . Berserker — 8.88%
6 . Paladin — 8.69%
7 . Battle Monk — 7.50%
8th. Bard — 6.40%
9 . Soul fist — 5.64%
10 . Artists — 4.20%
11 . Sniper — 4.11%
12 . Artillery — 3.86%
13 . SCRAPPER — 3.55%
14 . Pistolenlanzer — 3.36%
15 . War dancer — 3.00%

In the basic classes, the magician loses

Which basic classes were the most popular? Although most shooters are placed on the lower ranks, the shooter was the most popular basic class. Whole 21.50% of the players chose one of the shooting characters.

Deal on the verses were the warriors, for which in total, 20.90% of the fans decided. The assassins come to 20.80% extremely close to what not surprised if you see how popular shadow hunters and death blade were.

On the 4th place are the martial artists who could impress 19.80% of the players. At the top of the battle monk, which was playable in Europe for the first time in the beta. So it is well possible that the martial artists will continue to fall below when the game appeared.

At the bottom, the magicians remain, for which only 16.90% of the players decided. Above all, the summoners was crucial because the Hardin was little played. However, if Lost Ark is still surprising with the Sorceress to release, this can look very different.

What did you play?

Which class was allowed to be? While the figures of the beta of course refer to the entire EU, we now want to know what classes you played in the beta.

You can choose three classes, as many players used the beta for trying different characters.

Have you already opted for a class to release? Will you stay with the same classes you played in the beta? And maybe you even play more than three different classes in the beta? Write us in the comments here at Mango, we look forward to your comments.

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