To the Moon is a psychological drama adventure game created and published by Free bird Gaming. It was originally launched for Microsoft Windows in November 2011, with ports later being released for Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iPhone and also Nintendo Switch. The story follows 2 physicians that offer to meet a passing away guys last wish utilizing man-made memories. The game includes fairly a couple of gameplay mechanics, with the player controlling both physicians, checking out the narrative and also fixing puzzles as they try to reconstruct the dying male s memories in order to fulfill his desire.

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The game was designed by Kan GAO making use of the RPG Maker XP toolkit. Advancement started in 2010, when GAO was struck by concerns of death following his grandpa s lethal condition. To the Moon would become Free bird Gaming initial commercial item, adhering to smaller sized, speculative video games released totally free on the workshop website. The game was upgraded later to include cost-free downloadable content called minis odes to give more context to the primary characters, such as 2014 s A Bird Story.
While criticized for lacking much gameplay, To the Moon received crucial recognition, it was applauded for its story and songs, thematic material and psychological power, with some considering it a leading example of creative expression in video games, and also was nominated for several awards. A computer animated movie adjustment is in growth, partially scripted and supervised by GAO.

[Kids News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Creighton (Representative Kim Chang) is a popular game ranking in 165 countries in 165 countries, including Korea, USA, Germany, India, and Saudi Arabia, I announced a 15-day recorded. The accumulated download may also exceed 20 million in two million days in two days and 4 days.

Current Battle Ground: News That is an expanding the game community, including the popular influence of popular influence and streamer, including Soap TV (Korea), Mortal (India), Home Sharif (Japan), Allah (Middle East), Recently, the activity of the influx of the influx is used as an indicator of the game and the popularity of the game.

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Park Mingy Battle Ground: News Tate General PD said, Thank you for your interests and support you sent you from a pre-reservation, and you are as big as the record you created, said the Battle Ground, I would like to have a unique experience in the world through continuous updates for server stabilization, optimization, and smooth play environment, as well as content that will add fun to create a new history of Royal Games.

Battle Ground: News That is a mobile game developed by Pub Purchase Studio, which pioneered Battle Royal genre. PC and console platforms have succeeded the game performance and world view of the battleground, and we are aiming for the milestone of the next-generation mobile battle Royal game by combining its own content and differentiated technology. This game was launched in 200 countries on the 11th and has been released in more than 200 countries, and a pre-reservation has secured 5,500 million.