22% of people did not treat this questionnaire seriously and rated Lost Ark online to 1 — that is, in the worst possible way.

Of course, we will not take this result, because Lost Ark Online — even though has some disadvantages (like every Lost production) — certainly not crap. And certainly not to judge it on 1/10…

Give peace. You can joke, but not in this way.

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And now seriously. Closed Beta Lost Ark Online probably liked you. 11% of respondents assessed the work delegate to 7, 16% responded to 8, 9% responded to 9, and 15% of respondents issued Lost Ark even the maximum 10 assessment.

This means that slightly over half of you (11 + 16 + 9 + 15) rated Lost Ark online well, very well, or even outstanding. This would agree with the opinions of other players who see a game in the missing Area game that will reach not only a great success, but also threatens the position of the largest Lost in the world (these paid and free ones).

Playability Lost Ark is huge — as for this there are no doubts. May only Amazon (as a publisher) standing at the height of the task and do not kill the game of some stupid decisions that would affect the game.

Other votes:

LOST ARK Online is 6/10 — 7%
Lost Ark Online is a 5/10 game — 7%
LOST ARK Online is 4/10 — 4%
Lost Ark Online is a 3/10 — 5% game
LOST ARK Online is 2/10 — 4%

We would like to remind you that Prime Minister Lost Ark Online is planned for the first quarter of 2022 (January – March).

Thank you for all the voices and welcome to a new questionnaire.


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