Jude Bellingham Ball Recovery ( BVB vs Ajax )
Michael Rummeniggey, the BVB is just in the target. Worried with a view of the long injured list but the immediate athletic future. Earlier or later it could be narrow here for coach Marco Rose. At least the ex-Dortmund believes Michael Rummenigge.

Two place in the Bundesliga, in the cup of sovereign in the third round, the progress in the Champions League after four out of six games in their own hand: In his seasonal scope, the BVB has deserved at least one sufficient. However, the playing time for the black and yellow could soon take a dramatic turn. Especially then, if the Dortmund should definitively miss the K.O. Round of the royal class and in the league the connection to FC Bayern.

EX-PROFI Michael Rummenigge fears this development. Especially the out of the Champions League could have engraving consequences in his eyes — for coach Marco Rose.

If the K.O. Round be missed, it could be tight for Rose, Rummenigge wrote in his column for the Editorial Network Germany. The BVB should be dependent on the revenue, the secondary finale was at least acquired.

Roses job could also complicate the constellation around Edwin Eric, said Rummenigge: At that time, it did not believe 100 percent of him [ERIC] and therefore might decide too early for Rose. After Eric has shown that he has a perfect is, you did not get out of the number anymore and now has to live with it to be seen as a shadow man.

Rummenigge about the Main Problem of the BVB

For him himself, a debate about Rose is still significantly too early today, but the former professional took the coach of the Dortmund in protection. Not the coach is the biggest problem of black-yellow, but the squad and the injury-related failures.

You have to question critically, why the BVB has to fight with so many muscle injuries if there is much less with Bayern Munich with equal stress, wrote Rummenigge.

In this phase with the numerous failures, the main problem of Russia became obvious: Dortmund has 13.14 top players, behind it gaps a gap. If there are several such as Erlang Haaland or Raphael Guerrero, it is not qualitatively not — at least not on it the highest level.