Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announces that Star Trek Online Reflections, the latest update of the game, on PlayStation and Xbox are available from today. On PC, the update has already been available for a long time.

The new update for the free MMORPG brings back a favorite of the fans, the all-way feared Admiral in LEGTA (seeped by the original actress Chase Master son from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). The leader of the Majors in the Terran Empire was once an adversary.

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Star Trek Online: Reflections Launch Trailer
Now she came from the mirror universe into the main universe to warn the Federation and its allies in front of a great danger. All this is in a special episode that forms the prelude of a new action strand, where it turns around the unknown Terran Emperor. With the start of Reflections on PlayStation and Xbox, players can participate in an exciting new soil insert commands, where you can handle the space dock of the earth in the mirror universe and masters other challenges to reward, as among other things, the new warship of the Gagarin class to obtain the mirror universe [K6].

Star Trek Online is a free massive multiplayer online game where players can explore the Universe of Star Trek. Players can deny their own fate as a captain of a federation ship, as a Klingon warlord defending the borders of the Reich, as Commander of the Roman Republic rebuild the Roman legacy or perform dangerous missions for the Dominion as Jem Hadar. Captains can also visit famous places from the Universe of Star Trek, contact new alien species and fight with other players in their own spaceships. Star Trek Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.