Epic Games, previously Impressive Mega games (additionally understood as legendary), is an American growth workshop and a cary-based computer game supplier in North Carolina. The studio is 40% owned by the Chinese Net Titan Tencent but the founder of the workshop, Tim Sweeney, maintains full control of the studio with 51% of the actions.

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Sony has officially launched in Europe its PlayStation Direct, the online store of the brand. It is Germany the first country to have access to this service from today, although from PlayStation they have confirmed that soon it will also be available in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Of course, at the moment there have been no plans of their arrival in Spain.

These plans already have sounded since Sony confirmed them last May, although the online store was officially launched in September 2019 for US citizens. PlayStation Direct This is a platform for sale of hardware (consoles and peripherals) and software of the brand, as well as keys to access subscription services such as NOW or PLUS, all this without the need to go through intermediaries.

How To Buy a PS5 from PlayStation Direct - Online Buying Guide and Tips (Sony Direct Queue)

It seems clear that this movement is part of Sony s expectations to reach 22.6 million PS5 sold before the end of this fiscal year, since the last PlayStation console can also be acquired on the website. With the recent data of the 13 million machines sold, it is even necessary to see if the expansion of its platform will contribute to that they sell those little less than 10 million over the next six months.