In the football Bundesliga there is on Saturday (15:30 clock) to the top game between FC Bayern and the SC Freiburg. The fact that the record champion is perched on the top of the table after the first ten matchdays, does not surprise. It is much more surprising there already the run of the undefeated Breisgauer, who want to celebrate a premiere at the away game in Munich.

In his long club history, the SC Freiburg could never win a Bundesliga game at Bayern. Thus, the team of Success Trainer Christian Streich travels with the extremely lean balance sheet of 0 Siegen, 3 draws and 18 defeats to Munich. But the chances of the first threesome at Bayern are better than ever before.

game calls four reasons why the SC Freiburg does not have to hide before the record champion.

Reason 1: The historical start of the SC Freiburg

The SC Freiburg has recorded a historically good start in the Bundesliga. Never before, the games club succeeded in such a prelude. The deserved reward: After ten matchdays, the Freiburg is the only unbeaten team of the league and rank as table profits just three points behind FC Bayern.

Thus, on Saturday it comes to a novelty, because for the first time both clubs stand in front of a direct meeting in the top 3.

We have a starting situation that nobody could count on, said Freiburg Captain Christian Günter opposite the German Press Agency and added: You may be able to go to the top game after the third matchday as Sc Freiburg to the top game to Munich. But After ten matchdays that was so, I think, never the case.

The SC Freiburg convinces so far in the collective and comes first and foremost about the strong team structure. Therefore, the surprise team is likely to go to the game. It makes us a great pleasure to annoy the big ones, announced defender Philipp Lienhart at

Coach Christian Streich supplemented at the press conference before the game: We want to offer you the forehead. Even if our forehead may only be half as big as your Bavarian. But our forehead should be hard and strong. Oversized respect and reverence sound different.

Reason 2: The shaky defensive of FC Bayern

While the SC Freiburg with only seven goals is the best defensive of the Bundesliga, the rear team of Bayern presented extremely vulnerable in recent weeks.

In the last three mandatory matches, the Munich conceded entire nine goals. In addition, FC Bayern held cross-competition in the past nine games only three times the zero.

We have too many chances in many games, Munich s head coach Julian Nagelsmann was, I think it s similar patterns in all games when we get chances against us.

At the latest Champions League duel with SL Benfica (5: 2) Nagelsmann s protégés are not faultless. If FC Bayern can not leave his problems, threaten the next goals against the SC Freiburg.

Reason 3: Bayern specialist Lucas Höler

Finally, the games club with Lucas Höler has a real Bayern specialist in its own ranks. In his active career, the 27-year-old takes three goals against FC Bayern. Only against Holstein Kiel (4) the attacker met more often. In addition Höler pursuing a fixed target.

Bayern are the only opponent from the Bundesliga, against which I have not won yet. I definitely do not want to stop football and have to say that I never won against Bavaria. It is a giant incentive that too Create – preferably as fast as it works, announced the molded center forces in conversation with the picture.

SC Freiburg - Greuther Fürth 3-1 | Highlights | Matchday 10 – Bundesliga 2021/22
Freiburg s run comes to Höler meanwhile not surprising. We know now just very good – on and off the field at the same time we know that there will eventually be a damper Then again is crucial how we handle it.. Said Neuner.

Reason 4: Freiburg can rely on keeper Flekken

In order for this damper is not concluded against Bayern, the SC Freiburg on Saturday requires among other things a strong performance from goalkeeper Mark Flekken. So far it is to the Dutch but always reliable: This season, the 28-year-old parried 83 percent of all balls – Bundesliga best value!

Through his constant performances to Flekken has now played into the circle of the Dutch national team.

He s a real van Gaal Keeper gushed Bondscoach Louis van Gaal last from Freiburg goalkeeper: He is incredibly good with your feet, which you can not imagine. But that s not all. Freiburg s defense is well matched in my eyes is the goalkeeper of the boss, van Gaal said.

The fact that it requires a strong goalkeeper performance for a victory against FC Bayern, the review of the so far only Münchner defeat in the current Bundesliga season opposes Eintracht Frankfurt. There caught Sge-Keeper Kevin Trapp at the 2-1 victory of the Frankfurter a cream day (game note 1.0) and drove the otherwise outstanding offensive department of FC Bayern for despair. Jannik Kube