Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announces that the second of NeoWinter s second milestone is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE s prophecy. In the first milestone, the return of the dragon cult was revealed.

In the second milestone, words of the Prophet, the fight against the cells of the cult must be taken up in very Faerûn. To hold the cells from uniting, the fans of Neverwinter must bundle their powers and find out more about the dark plans of the cult.

In the course of this adventure, the players will unlock time-limited rewards, including the companion Knights of Neverwinter and the companion Hunting Falke of Neverwinter, by logging in to play the story content and complete repeatable quests. Players who want to secure additional rewards such as the Corbin Corbin s companion can also acquire the Premium Battle Pass.

The third and last milestone, about dragons and spheres, will be available from 01. December on all platforms and the campaign and the rewards of echoes of the prophecy lead to their epic conclusion.

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Neverwinter - Echoes of Prophecy Launch Trailer | PS4
More details about the Battle Pass and Upcoming Content can be found in the blog: Echos of the prophecy.