Do you like the competition? And motorsport? This year, Formula 1 is more interesting than ever and, in the absence of few races for the end of the season, excitement moments await us until you know the new champion. This emotion is what we are going to try to live very soon at an event of F1 2021 that we will celebrate the next November 3.

We invite you to follow it through Elstream, the official website of Webedia with direct ones where you talk about video games, technology, cinema and many more things. On this occasion, the Wednesday from 19:30 to 22: 30 (Spanish peninsular schedule) will celebrate an afternoon-night of careers with the best team and several known personalities.

Djmariio will participate personally at the event, along with a handful more of creators and competitors who will try to make a site in the highest drawer of the podium. After them, a commentators team will be responsible for the retransmission to ensure a show at the height of the official competition video game.

Three races: Mexico, United States and Azerbaijan The event format will consist of the celebration of three races, with qualifying rounds and an extension of 25%. The scoring system will be explained, the rules to follow and the characteristics of each session. Do not worry if you are not very familiar with Formula 1, which we take care that you do not miss anything.

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The first scheduled race is the Grand Prix of Mexico, which takes place at the Rodríguez SibliGez autodrome. The circuit returned in 2015 to the calendar and is one of the most followed, with an enviable assistance. The second race will be in United States, specifically in the Austin, Texas layout, where we live the most recent official career. Finally, the competition will close with the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, played between the streets of the beautiful Baku, with a long line and the walls always very close to its condition as an urban circuit.

Once the points obtained in each of the three races have been added, we will take a look at the qualifying table to determine the winner. Along with his companions in second and third position, the three will give a final speech to close the event, which will look for the serious and clean competition but without forgetting a good time. Remember: Next November 3, from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., at ELSTREAM!

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