The custom keyboard globe is absolutely exploding. For the initial time ever before, it s feasible to purchase a top notch package without damaging the financial institution. Lots of economical sets are made from plastic and also attribute small layouts; there aren t lots of that press into the full-size space. That s precisely what the Akko MOD003 intends to deliver, while likewise integrating fan-favorite options like hot-swappable switches and also gasket mounting for a soft, flexy inputting experience. Being available in at $189.99, is this the DIY keyboard package for you?


Present Price: $189.99 (Epomaker).
Layout: 1800 (98-key).
Case Product: Premium CNC Case.
Case Shades (Anodization): Jade Eco-friendly, Sea Blue, Dark Night, Sakura Pink, Peacock Blue.
Plate Material: Light weight aluminum (matching anodization).
Mounting Method: Gasket Mount.
Stabilizers: Plate Mount, Pre-lubed.
Included Foams: Case, Plate.

Akko Mod001 v2 (full alu!!) unboxing, build & mods | Cherry Hyperglide Black | KBDfans BoB
Hotswap Sockets: Suitable with 3/5-pin mechanical switches, sustains Cherry Switch over/ Gateron Change/ Kailh BOX Change.
Switch Positioning: North dealing with.
Wire: Removable Type-C.
Backlight: Yes, RGB SMD light.
Weight (approx. 4.7 pounds set up).

Akko MOD003 Introduction and Trick Features.

Akko has been a best brand for brand-new mechanical keyboard fans for years, however with the MOD003, it s tipping up its game. Like Keychron as well as Glorious, Akko is supplying a full DIY personalized keyboard package. It s made of a two-part CNC-milled aluminum case in a selection of anodized colors. It uses the enthusiast-favorite and completely in fashion gasket installing style for a soft, dampened typing experience, hot-swap outlets to easily install and swap out switches, and also includes 2 layers of foam under home plate and also within the case to moisten any kind of echo. Right out of the box, it s better than a lot of prebuilt keyboards in develop quality as well as keying experience, even from significant video gaming brand names.

Let s deconstruct that, beginning with the format. The keyboard uses an 1800 design, which resembles a small full-size. It includes a full Numpad, feature row, as well as arrow collection. Over the number pad, you likewise have a selection of navigation and modifying secrets (Delete, Insert, Page Up, Page Down). By holding shift, you can also access hold as well as end with the number pad like a full-size keyboard. This design is a great fit for customers that need the additional switches of a full-size keyboard however still wish to step up to a custom-made.



The case is made up of two pieces of solid light weight aluminum. They re huge, heavy, as well as effectively machine made. The lower half also consists of little sub-chambers that seem to be connected to reducing reverberation (ping) from buttons. Looking very closely, I really did not see any type of acnes on the anodization or swirl marks from the completing procedure. Both halves are held together with 8 hex screws, which are harder to strip, yet keep in mind that you ll require a longer little bit or an actual Allen wrench to get to those in the top fifty percent of the case. The lower half of the case includes some slick-looking angles as well as a yellow piece for some included panache. Note that it s not a brass weight, but this set actually doesn t require it as it evaluates about 4.7 extra pounds fully put together.



In between both halves is home plate that switches will certainly place to. It s also light weight aluminum and also anodized to match the shade of the case (readily available in Jade Environment-friendly, Ocean Blue, Dark Evening, Sakura Pink, as well as Peacock Blue). There are flex cuts along the function row and also number pad to add a little flex to the board. Out of the box, the degree of flex is in fact really good, which allows the typing experience to really feel soft. It s not quite to the degree of the Keychron Q1 however is still excellent.



This brings us to the gasket mount implementation. If you re new to the globe of keyboards, gasket mount implies that as opposed to home plate screwing right to among half of the case, it s lined with foam gaskets that are then sandwiched in between each half. This avoids any of the reverberations from inputting from making its way right into the case, dampens/softens the keying experience, and can even allow the plate to flex a lot more in addition to the flex cuts.

The gasket mount implementation right here is rather good! It s much better than I would anticipate from an inexpensive kit such as this and also works well to both moisten typing and allow adaptability in home plate. There are 28 foam gaskets on each side of home plate, 56 entirely, so there s no shortage of material. The foam is somewhat solid yet is thick enough to still dispirit and obtain the job done efficiently.

Inside the case is a layer of foam under the plate (in between it as well as the PCB) and also within the case. Home plate foam is great however the case foam is really lightweight. Out of package, there s a fair bit of hollowness (however very little ping), so I would suggest swapping this out for some rack lining, neoprene, or, as I ll show later on, a devoted noise dampener.

The stabilizers in this package are remarkably good but are plate install. Screw-in stabs are not sustained on this kit. They re extremely tight, so there s no shake to present added rattle and come lubed out of the box. A lot of my stabilizers were rattle-free however I did require to include some added oil to my spacebar. Know that the tolerances are so tight that not all replacement stabs will fit. I tried a collection of Durock plate mounts and also they were squeezed so limited that they wouldn t seat correctly. You do not need to change them, however. The ones in the box are great, especially for brand-new building contractors.

The keyboard as a whole is fairly excellent for the price, yet it does miss the mark in one crucial area: it does not support QMK or VIA. Rather, you ll have to make use of Akko s Cloud Vehicle driver. This permits you to remap secrets, program macros, as well as readjust the lighting. These setups also remain on the keyboard as well as can take a trip in between PCs, yet it doesn t use the very same level of modification as QMK. I would certainly love to see Akko include this in a future variation.

Akko MOD003 – Building the Supply Set.

The MOD003 comes fully assembled besides switches and keycaps. This makes assembly extremely easy. If you re not planning on doing any mods, all you need to do is push the buttons into area (bear in mind to push directly down) as well as then push the keycaps ahead. This whole procedure can be done within 20 minutes.

Obviously, if you do obtain this set, you re most likely thinking about doing some standard mods. Disassembly is very simple. After loosening the 8 hex screws on the base, the 2 fifty percents of the case can be divided and home plate just pulls out. There are no added cable televisions for RGB or a USB daughterboard (which might be a disadvantage for some customers and additionally suggests you ll be replacing the entire keyboard if the USB port ever breaks). The PCB is held to the plate by eight even more Phillips head screws.

Akko MOD003 – Modding and also Efficiency.

For this develop, I rolled out several mods to really try to make this keyboard the very best it could possibly be. For buttons, I made use of Novelkeys Silk Blacks, lubed with Krytox 205g0. I replaced the supply stabilizers with Novelkeys Plate Mount Stabilizers, housings lubed with Krytox and the cables lubed with Permatex. The spacebar was Holee modded to eliminate any kind of tick or rattle. Keycaps are the NicePBT Black on White.



For additional mods, I also covered the back of the PCB in one layer of painter s tape (Tempest Tape Mod) as well as placed a layer of PE packaging foam between the PCB as well as the included plate foam. The case still appeared rather hollow, so I eliminated the included foam and also changed it with a layer of Kilmat vehicle audio dampener. I used 2mm of dampener on the top where the case has more deepness tapering to 1mm on the bottom. I tried neoprene which is more affordable however wasn t pleased with the slight staying hollowness. All of these points are optional bonus. It s entirely possible to build this set for under $250.

With the keyboard completely constructed to my choice, I m really impressed with just how it came out. The typing experience is superb. It sounds extremely poppy as well as the buttons are remarkably smooth with the added hand lubing. The Kilmat also removes and also remaining hollowness, so all that s left is the audio of the tricks.

I had the ability to remap everything to my preference, however the keyboard additionally includes second-layer commands for illumination and media controls. My only gripe below is that the lights truly isn t very bright. My option of switches and keycaps makes a large different here, so I do not anticipate a great deal, but the sparkle is relatively dark to various other keyboards with very similar builds.

With my modding, I did eliminate a few of the flex of the board yet not all. Given that it s so thick, I still have a fair bit there s enough area to add 2mm of material on top without as well as still have area to bend. That height did trigger me to take out my wrist remainder.

Where this keyboard actually shines though is that it carries out a mix of attributes various other choices on the marketplace presently do not. It s full-size (nearly). It s gasket mount and flexy. It s all aluminum. Those 3 things make this a great option for people who use their key-boards for efficiency or require the number pad as well as feature row for gaming. Options are an excellent thing, as well as this is an extremely strong option if you require those functions.

Akko MOD003 Video Clip Testimonial as well as Keying Demonstration.

Last Thoughts.

The Akko MOD003 strikes mostly all of the appropriate notes. If it sustained screw-in stabilizers, QMK, and was much less hollow out of package, it would certainly be out of this globe. Yet, it s currently doing something really couple of other boards are making with its design and also placing design combination, and also it s doing so at an affordable cost. If you want to do a few mods, like swapping out case foam, you can boost this keyboard even more, but it supplies an out of package experience that brand names might pick up from.

The Akko MOD003 is a victor and also an excellent worth.

The product defined in this article was given by the producer for evaluation objectives..