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FC Bayern Robert Lewandowski beckons the balloon d Or

Balloon-d’Or boss Pascal Ferry has not excluded a subsequent honor of Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern for the year 2020.

I think we do not have to make the decisions very quickly. We can think about it and should respect the history of the balloon d’Or, which is based on elections, said Ferry the news portal Watson.

In his thank-on speech, winner Lionel Messi asked the organizer France Football to give the goalkeeper of the German record champion the award for his services in 2020 later. What Messi said was nice and smart, Ferry said.

Last year, the election was failed due to the Corona pandemic. Lewandowski was considered great favorite.

FC Bayern: Robert Lewandowski goes out the balloon d’or empty

The Ballon d'Or Award with Robert Lewandowski | VLOG | FC Bayern

The Pole despite his again outstanding achievements in FC Bayern as well as in the national team in the election on Monday evening behind the now seven record winner Messi has landed surprisingly in second place.

I did not put Messi first. I first chose Lewandowski, but I think Messi deserves the balloon d’Or, Ferry continued.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best selling game of Black Friday week in United Kingdom

Hillbilly Deluxe: 13 Stories of Cadaverous Cavorting Inside the Spook show International is the launching solo studio CD by American artist and also filmmaker Rob Zombie. The album functions as his initial launch beyond the band White Zombie, with whom he launched two multi-platinum studio albums. Hillbilly Deluxe was released on August 25, 1998, through Geffen Records. Musically, the job depicts Zombie’s love for timeless horror films with hefty steel and digital music. The album’s lyrics mention murder, turmoil, as well as mythological pressures. The majority of Hillbilly Deluxe was videotaped in The golden state, as well as was generated by both Zombie and also Scott Humphrey; Zombie is credited as the sole author on every one of the tracks.
Hillbilly Deluxe was launched to a generally favorable important reception, with the CD’s manufacturing being applauded. The CD proved to be a commercial success, arriving 5 of the Signboard 200 and selling over three million duplicates in the United States. Hillbilly Deluxe outsold every one of Zombie’s releases with his former band, and established him as an effective solo artist. The job showed up on numerous graphs worldwide, though fallen short to replicate the success it had in The United States and Canada. Considering that its launch, the CD has amassed the title of a shock rock traditional by numerous magazines.
The album was preceded by the release of Zombie’s launching single, Dracula. The song was a hit in the United States, and appeared on the singles chart in the United Kingdom. Living Dead Woman was released as the CD’s second solitary, and accomplished a comparable quantity of success as its predecessor. The album’s 3rd as well as final solitary was Superbest, which stopped working to imitate the industrial efficiency of the CD’s first two songs. All 3 of the tunes were used extensively in the media, appearing in numerous movies and computer game. Dracula is typically referred to as Zombie’s trademark song, and stays his greatest selling single worldwide. Hillbilly Deluxe is Zombie’s most successful CD to day.

There were not news weight news last week in the United Kingdom, but that remains nothing of value to the first place achieved in the best-selling video game table in physical format to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, premiered four years ago in stores.

A PACK with Nintendo Switch improves more than 500% MK 8 numbers The explanation of its number one find it in a pack with Nintendo Switch removed for sale on the occasion of the Black Friday. In this sense, according to data collected by Games industry, MK 8 improved its numbers 567% versus the previous week, thus surpassing FIFA 22 that also had a significant increase in demand. Third, Minecraft was left for Switch thus giving samples of the power of the platform.

Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2021 Deals!

Any newness in the Top-10? None, you have to go down to number 13 to find Farming Simulator 22, with more than 50% of sales in PlayStation systems. However, it is appropriate to indicate that during the Black Friday practically all the games duplicated or tripled their demand in stores, and this prevented recent news to stay at the top, such as the Remake of Diamond and Pearl Pokémon, who passed the lead at the sixth place in seven days.

In general, GamesIndustry reports an drop of 10% in the purchase of video games in physical format against the same period of the course.

Best Cyber Monday Virtual Reality Deals Get A 50 Gift Card With The Oculus Quest 2

Meta Quest, previously Oculus Rune’s American company produced by Palmer Lucky and Brendan Tribe, and subsidiary of Meta Platforms. Oculus VR was retrieved by Meta Systems in March 2014 for $2 billion, as well as has the sector of the virtual reality. Oculus Rift as well as Oculus Quest, virtual reality safety helmets, were placed on the marketplace in March 2016 as well as May 2019 specifically.

The Oculus Quest 2– now formally called the Meta Quest 2– is our pick for the very best virtual reality headset you can buy during this festive week, with a fantastic collection of video games and also the inside-out tracking enabling absolutely untethered gaming anywhere from your living-room to the park. And while its $300 rate for a 128 GB design is currently rather low, there are a number of remaining Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday deals available currently. Walmart is offering away a cost-free bring instance (valued at $50) with the purchase of the 128 GB Quest 2, while Target and also Best Purchase are tossing in-store vouchers to the value of $50 with the acquisition of either the 128 or 256 GB versions.

Best Cyber Monday VR bargains


Background indicates sales throughout both equipment and also the software library for Oculus Quest 2. Previous Cyber Monday sales have actually included price cuts on the Oculus Quest headset, along with compatible accessories, at a selection of retailers. The game shop has used unique discount rates throughout this period, too, providing you an opportunity to develop up your catalog as soon as you get the headset.

The Mission platform reveals no indicator of reducing, with Ubisoft developing brand-new experiences based upon the Splinter Cell as well as Assassin’s Creed brands and also a new port of Citizen Evil 4 recently launching on Mission 2. Certain games are unique to Quest 2 as well as can not be used Quest 1, so you might desire to upgrade.

DHB women bang in front of World Cup

Alina Grijseels and Mia Shock hurt in training on Wednesday evening, but on Thursday, the trip to the four-country tournament on the weekend in the World Cup host country Journey.

National coach Hank Greener nominated a precaution Lena Reinhardt (Us Memmingen) and Marine Thornier (Bayer Leverkusen), so that the DUB squad currently comprises 18 players.

Bosnia & Herzegovina v Denmark - Women's World Cup 2023 Qualifier (25.11.2021)

Green light was for Emily Book and Alicia Stole, which had been largely isolated because of a positive Corona in their club Ferencvaros Budapest at the beginning of the World Cup course in Großwallstadt.

Three hardening tests wait

At the four-country tournament in Madrid, the DUB selection denies the last World Cup tests against Poland (Friday, 19 o’clock), Slovakia (Saturday, 16 o’clock) and Spain (Sunday, 1 pm). At the World Championship starting next Wednesday, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are the preliminary round opponents.

Also read: Four debutants: The World Cup squad of handball women stands

Prosecutor s Office determines Turin against Juventus

At June, there is apparently the suspicion of irregularities in player transfers as well as in the balance sheets of the club. In any case, the business premises of Juventus were searched at Friday evening and media data provided by the management of the period between 2019 and 2021.

Since Juventus is a listed club, the club had to inform the Milan Stock Exchange about the investigation, even the Italian Football Association should have already been informed.

Details on the exact content of the investigation is unknown, but the content of the contract with Cristiano Ronaldo should be taken under the microscope, after all, the Portuguese played in Turin from 2018 until the past summer.

In the focus of the investigators, Italian media reports should be very prominent names: next to Lubbock Andrea Agnelo and Vice President Pavel Nerved is also against the former sports boss Fabio Parties, which is now under contract at Tottenham Hotspur, and three more managers are determined.

The external worlds appear on March 6 for Switch

Annie Wanderer, also referred to as Annie Wanderer Matsuda, Annie Carlson, Annie Wanderer Carlson and also Anne Wanderer, is a US computer game designer specializing in duty video games, better recognized for his work as a screenwriter in Never winter Nights 2: Tornado of Their in 2008 as well as For his style operate in Guild Battles 2 in 2012, as well as in Dead State and Panic at Multiverse High of Double bear Productions.

The Outer Worlds - Nintendo Switch Announcement
Obsidian Successful RPG will be available in retail and Nintendo shop.

After Private Division had launched other platforms with great success last year, Private Division announced this The outer worlds is published on March 6 for Nintendo Switch. The Switch Port is managed by Virtues and is available in retail and via the Nintendo shop. Unfortunately, the sales version contains only a digital code and no physical playing card.

The outer worlds takes place in the distant future, where various megaton cores have settled various planets in the Halcyon system. The protagonist awakens to a colonial ship and finally starts a mission to save his co-colonists. Things advised quickly out of control, as different factions vying for power and the player himself must decide how things should develop.

Obsidian Entertainment was very, very surprised when we saw the Proof of Concept of Virtues, although we were not sure how the switch version looks or plays. So we will see how it shoots out at the start. For all others, DLC was confirmed for the game for the publication this year.

https://twitter.com/privateDivision/status/1222890926596554752 Tagged: Nintendo Switch, Obsidian Entertainment, PC, Private Division, PS4, The External Worlds, Virtuoso, Xbox One

Fitts fifth in the prelude of the combiner

After a sovereign appearance on the hill and in the trail Dominator Earl Magnus Ribber (Norway) won the first competition of the season. At 20.2 seconds, he was able to prevail on the five kilometers against the Austrian Johannes Lancaster, suggesting that he also prevents a lot of 2021/22. Jens Dieters was able to advance in third place with a good cross-country skiing.

THIS IS SHOCKING NEWS!!! Jakob Ingebrigtsen vs Jacob Kiplimo Wold XC Champs BATTLE
Manuel fair could not hold his place on the podium in cross-country skiing. In the end, the forces were in the end. I’m already a bit disappointed, that it did not matter to the podium, said the 28-year-old in IDF. When fifth he was the best starter from the team of national coach Hermann wine book, the podium lacked almost ten seconds. For the second German top ten result, the six-time world champion Johannes Ryder went as a tenth.

At temperatures of twelve degrees below the freezing point, Team Olympic Champion Vincent Geiger came directly behind Ryder as an eleventh. Julian Schmidt and Terence Weber followed on the ranks 13 and 17. The three-time Olympic champion Eric Freeze had to settle for a weak jump with position 24, team Olympic champion Fabian Raise even with rank 29.

For the only 24-year-old Ribber it was already the 37th World Cup victory of his career. Only record man Hanna Manning from Finland (48) and Freeze (43) have more.

Pok mon Diamant Pearl Some players get false version

Currently, a clip in the social media is currently circulating that someone has gotten the wrong version of the latest Pokémon remakes: instead of Polka is suddenly Diana in front of him. What’s there, and how can something happen?

Pokémon clip shows annoying bug

The Pokémon Community is split: On the one hand, there are many fans who have fun with Pokémon Bright Diamond & Luminous Pearl. On the other hand, it also hits a lot of criticism — among other things for the graphic, but also due to the many bugs.

If you just do not lock the game, you could get the wrong version and notice it just too late. This is at least, now, apparently happened to a buyer.

A TK TOK clip shows how an affected person in the game faces Diana, the legendary Pokémon of radiant pearl. But when she goes to the main menu, it is clearly clear: actually she bought glowing pearl and should therefore now stand in front of Polka:

Since a single line code determines in the game which version you play, this can actually have come to a little mistake by the developer INCA. In principle, therefore, both versions are preinstalled in your game.

In the comments, some have rain over the bug, others my Diana is the better legendary Pokémon anyway. In the comment area, however, the authenticity of the clip, or the guilt of the manufacturer, is called into question. After all, the game could have been chopped by the poster self. This is not the only known case about such a mistake. There were already reports on Reddit. (Reddit / Beary-Allen09)

High sales figures despite hard criticism

More and more bugs flood the social media. A particularly strange graphic mistake, you can see here:

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Sinnoh Region Intro!

Even game breaking mistakes were found.

Nevertheless, the remakes sell fantastic. Pokémon radiant diamond and bright pearl celebrate after just under a week release, despite everything, a large milestone: Remakes have already laid the second-largest switch launch in Japan after three days. With 1.4 million units sold, the Pokémon Launch thus ranks behind the one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons with 1.8 million. (Source: Games industry)

Finds which Pokémon type suits you best — based on your zodiac sign:

Storm Graz does not set any pain threshold for Kelvin Yeboah

Kelvin Yeah is probably the hottest transfer share of the SK storm. With a possible transfer amount, the Syrians do not want to set.

After a small goalie, attacker Kelvin Yeah returned with a double pack at 3: 3 against the LAST.

Overall, the 21-year-old now holds at twelve raisers in all applicants — in total, Yeah met every 147 minutes. Most recently, the striker also ran for the U21 national team of Italy.

The age fits, the Tor quot too. And Kelvin has a great speed. Logical, that he is interesting for some clubs. I trust him the big career, says Storm Managing Director Andreas Schick er to the krone Dating.

Yeah, who is under contract at Storm until summer 2024, could probably become the new record transfer of the Graz. This is currently still Mario Haas, who was sold in the summer of 1999 for 3.1 million euros to Racing Strasbourg. Dario Mare sic (State Reims) and Bros Magic (FC Copenhagen) revolved around three million euros.

Articles and videos about the topic
Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

We did not define a pain threshold at the transfer fee, says Schick er — in winter it is probably not so far. Kelvin has to think well the next step, he’s not mature yet. With us, he can develop well.

G123 A collaboration event is decided with Blessing this wonderful world With spiritual spiritual Another Tail Ceria and Latfa appeared in this fast character costume Enjoy the first collaboration event of Anatay

BTW Co., Ltd. was informed that to hold a collaboration event with TV animation in HTML5 game being distributed in the G123, spirit illusion Symbol Another tail, a blessing to this wonderful world!.

BTW Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that to hold a collaboration event with TV animation in HTML5 game being distributed in the G123, spirit illusion Symbol Another tail, a blessing to this wonderful world!.

This Suva Celia who was wearing the costume of the character appeared!

The Anita first collaboration events, will be held in Anita the largest ever. Character was including Celia and Ratify spirit illusion Symbol is, you appeared in limited skin wearing a costume This Suva character. Since the other in collaboration limited content also has become the lots, please enjoy the world of Anita that collaboration.

Collaboration Implementation Period: 2021 December 9, 2005 (Thursday) — 2021 December 24 (Friday)

introduces the collaboration event content!

· Collaboration limited fellow tries to put character skin in hand!

Celia = Claire (aqua costume)

Ratify (Menuhin costume)

Sofia (Darkness costume)

Sarah (Run’run costume)

collaboration limited support character appeared!

As a support character of collaboration limited than this Suva and Aqua, Karma, with it will appear. Since it has become a powerful support character of all LR, please try by all means aim to win.

collaboration limited story implementation decisions!

Character is crossing the spirit illusion Symbol and The Suva, deployment of collaboration limited story has been decided. Rio and Celia us, please by all means pay attention also to the collaboration story of adventure and Karma and aqua us.

announcement information

· Collaboration introduce PV published!
Introduced PV of this collaboration event content is being published in the YouTube channel of G123.
Video URL: HTTPS: //youtu.be/xD6nL IugTI

in the G123 Radio 3 · 2 · 1 GO!, Delivered the spirits’ illusion Symbol Another tail Special!

G123 Radio 3 · 2 · 1 GO! Is, Kane Fajita personality, visits every time with Pretty guest, GO ~! The charm of the popular HTML5 games being distributed in the G123 (?) Delivered This radio program to be. 4 up-to-date information about collaboration event of spirits illusion Symbol Another tail in, we will continue to deliver while inviting voice to the guest to play a character that appeared in collaboration event.

Delivery information


G123You Tube channel
Internet radio station


Kane Fajita (spirits illusion Symbol Another tail her Celia = Claire Auditor)

The guests

Nita Hijri (spirits illusion Symbol Another tail her Sarah Auditors)
Sing Shut (spirits illusion Symbol Another tail her Sofia role)

date and time

November 30 (Tuesday) 19: 00 ~

is a spirit illusion Symbol Another tail?

This work is the TV anime spirit illusion Symbol the first game works. Game original hero, different wandered from world TV anime hero Rio (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuda) and the original familiar characters who have, including, an RPG game that unfolds a battle of compelling.
Fight is exhilarating turn-based battle that takes place in full auto, own party can be organized up to a maximum of 10 people. Is the key of the game capture be well-balanced development of the hero and fellow character and support characters.
In addition, characters who in the spirit illusion Symbol is or appeared dressed in a costume that is not only seen in the game, or appeared many games the original character as well, making it the attention also to the characters appearing in the game.
Of course, those of the spirit illusion Symbol fan, you can enjoy Even if you do not know the work, please enjoy the fantasy RPG of the royal road that G123 is give.

games basic information

Game Title: Spirit illusion Symbol Another tail Genre: Fantasy RPG Price: Basic free (in-game item billing system) the start of the game: HTTPS: //s.g123.jp/rfjmjjof official Twitter: HTTPS: //twitter.com/seireianother official LINE: HTTPS: //lin.ee/11pvAsR

TV the anime a blessing to this wonderful world! ?

Series total 10 million part breakthrough!
The original story, light novel by Katsuki Nature a blessing to this wonderful world! (Katakana Sneaker Bunk).
This Suva also became animated movie through the gained popular TV animated (Phase 1, Phase 2) is, just different world comedy of the definitive edition!

is a spirit illusion Symbol?

Previous life and this world is crossed — boy with two storage confront the fate !!

Boy Rio burdened harsh fate to live as orphans of memory and the slum was a college student, a big hit fantasy that got a lot of sympathy in the exciting expansion give meaning and fighting power to live a previous life and this world of edge.
An early age, Rio became killed his mother orphans had been desperately live in slums. One day, his was accidental death dreamed of reunion with childhood friend Tenant spring’s memory and powerful magic is awakening in Rio, and he had been incarnated in a different world of sword and magic notice. In addition, by contributing to the resolution of the princess kidnapping came across by chance,… to be admitted to the prestigious School of the children gather the nobility. Rio creeping up from the very bottom of the class society, Yuks and pounded the harsh fate while overlapping the meeting and farewell.

Spirit illusion Symbol
HE Bunk: Chapter 20 Volume Sale
HE Comics: 1 to 7 Volume Sale
Authors / Katakana Yews
Illustration / Riv
Comic series / comic fire (Manga Miyazaki twins)

TV anime

During the popular distribution in the following distribution site
AIEMA, Amazon Prime Video, U-NEXT, anime unlimited, d anime store, Banzai Channel, Hulu, Hikaru TV, FOD, Anime, GYRO, J:! Come On Demand, watch plus, Para vi, TEL ASA, smiling channels, video market, Rakuten TV, Google Play / YouTube, HAPPY! Video, crank-in! Video, TSUBASA TV, other

Director Series configuration: Yamazaki SAMU
Character Design: Aburanuno Kyoto
Music: Suzuki Yamazaki
Animation Production: TMS ENTERTAINMENT
Official Twitter: @seireigensouki spirit illusion Symbol
Official HP: seireigensouki.com

is a G123 (Jiichinisan)?

In smartphone tablet on the PC Web browser, it is a game service to enjoy the download unnecessary-member registration unnecessary and carefully selected high-quality game.
Official site: HTTPS: //g123.jp/

About BTW Co., Ltd.

It is a comprehensive Internet platform services company that operates the game platform G123 (the Jiichinisan).

Company Name: BTW Inc. Address: 106-0032 Tokyo, Minatory, Dropping 1-9-10 Ark Hills Senior Yamamoto Tower Representative: Rich Safari Founded: August 2013 Capital: 100 million yen Business: Platform Business URL: https://ctw.inc/

ACT, INC. All rights reserved.
Ⓒ Katakana Yews & Hobby Japan / Spirit illusion Symbol Production Committee
Ⓒ2019 Katsuki Nature, Minima Krone / KATAKANA / movie this Suva Production Committee

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