Nintendo has closed one of its main offices in the United States. Although Nintendo of America is in Redmond, Washington, the American subsidiary of the company had two other offices in the country, although according to Kotaku, has closed California, in Redwood City.

There have been no dismissals, but as a result some 100 employees have been redistributed, something that has not sitting well among many of them, according to a source of Kotaku.

The offices was dedicated to marketing, sales and communication in the United States and Canada.

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The one who will not follow in Nintendo is Nick Chavez, SVP sales and marketing, which has announced on LinkedIn that he recorded by Kentacky Fried Chicken as a new marketing chief.

Chavez had been working more than a decade in Nintendo, and held the position of SVP after Doug Bowser was promoted to president of Nintendo of America in 2019, after the resignation of Reggie Fils-Aimé.

In an official communiqué of Nintendo of America, they confirmed that the only nintend of america venues from now on they will be those of Redmond, WA, and Vancouver, BC. In addition to Redwood City, Toronto s satellite office will also close.

Devon Pritchard, Vice President of Business and Public Relations, will be the one who replaces Chavez at the head of the sales, marketing and communication department, who will face the task of managing constant leaks and speculations about the switch pro.

The reasons for the closing of these offices are unknown, in a company as Nintendo that does not usually go through restructuring of great caliber. SATORU IWATA, the previous president of Nintendo, was known to oppose layoffs and lowered the salary during the company s crisis periods.

However, in 2014, Nintendo of Europe was restructured, and as a result 300 employees of its German division were dismissed.