The last week of Destiny 2 s seasonal challenges are outside the door. This is the last set of challenges, although the season of the lost still amazing 118 days has on the pass. As soon as you have completed these challenges, players in Destiny 2 can experience a small content drought in December until the 30th anniversary update. Maybe you can take some time to complete the seal for the season of the lost or completely complete the seasonal event Fest to the Lost. Let s go through the challenges last week and what you need to do.

Challenges of the week 10 for the season of the lost

Techeuns List : Improve the Barrier Breach Skills, True Sight and Safe Passage. (Rewards about 100,000 XP and a Wayfinder CompaS calibration level.)
Accelerating igniter : Complete the activity Legendary Shattered Realm in less than 25 minutes. (Rewards about 50,000 XP and a Wayfinder CompaS calibration level.)
Cold light of the day : Defeat fighters with solar capabilities, stasis skills or crash damage. The fast defeat of fighters with supers grants bonus progress. (Rewards about 100,000 XP and a Wayfinder CompaS calibration level.)
Show supremacy : Purchase the Vanguard Ornament for Ascendenz. (Rewards about 200,000 XP, 300 Bright Dust and Planestrider.)
Defense of the dreaming city : Wehrre Xivu Arath s footsteps in the dreaming city by completing headgards, patrols, public events and lost sectors (rewarded about 50,000 XP and 150 Bright Dust.)

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Once you have completed these challenges along with all the challenges of the other week, you can claim the seasonal challenge Master of All. When you complete this challenge, you will receive a great gloss dust of 4,000 gloss dust. Even though this could be the end of the seasonal challenges of Destiny 2, there is still a lot to do while waiting for the 30th anniversary update. You could try to complete the seal for the season of the lost and earn the Title Relmwalker. In this way, you have a lot to do if you try to complete a legendary astral orientation and the branches of the legendary Shattered Realm.

If you are not interested in the seal, you could spend the time to grind all your characters in all your slots on at least 1330 easy equipment. While the maximum light intensity goes beyond this season over 1330, there is a lead in the next season when you bring your entire equipment to this level. You can also improve your seasonal artifact so you reach the maximum light level to get into the new dungeon that comes with the 30th anniversary update. If you need more help to Destiny 2 content, look at our other guides for the game.

Destiny 2 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.