On November 9, November 9th and 11th, Overwatch Korea E-Sports friendliness is held in Busan.

The tournament was hosted by the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, Busan Metropolitan City, the US Embassy, ​​the US Embassy, ​​the US Embassy, ​​and the EDUCATIONUSU (US Embassy Consultation Consultation Center), and Roccat, and Blizzard approved official approval.

In the competition, he participates in Korea and 8 universities, and in Korea, the Top 8 Tournament Seasons 2, the Domestic Tournament Season 2, which is authorized by Blizzard in Korea.

The game is the six-to-six team, and on November 9, November 9th, on November 9, the fourth rhetoric and finals are held at the Busan e-Sports Stadium on November 11, and on November 9. Considering South Korea and both sides of the United States, proceed from the Hawaii server.

The fourth rivers and finals are broadcast online and relayed in Korean and English. Korean relays can be watched on Busan E-Sports Stadium Formula YouTube and Overwatch E Sports Official Twitch Channel, and English relays will be sent to the US Embassy Official YouTube.

The championship team is provided with a scrimmer with a prize of 2 million won and an overwatch professional team (practice match). In addition, a gaming gear of Roccat (Roccat) is paid to the fourth largest team power from the first place. In addition, for the participation of the fourth round of the fourth round, accommodation and transportation are supported to participate in the competition.

This Korea-US University E-Sports Aviation, said the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, This is a part of the US E-Sports Affections, Busan, and the US Embassy, ​​and the Embassy of the United States, meaning that they are leading, I am sorry that I can not see this year, but I will try to make friendship between the two countries through sustainable events, and I will not be able to do it as a one-time event,

The United States Embassy, ​​said, The Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency shall be governed by Busan, Korea Embassy, ​​EDUCATIONUSA, and Racat, and the official approval of official approval from Blizzard Entertainment, We expect to provide meaningful exchange activities. In addition, the US Embassy, ​​in the United States, through this event, in the United States, in the United States, in the United States, in the US, I am pleased to be able to introduce you to advance to it.