At least on the PC, the developers of Beat Games published the multiplayer mode to the VR hit Beat Saber already about one year ago.

After this was only the speech that the PlayStation VR version of Beat Saber is at a later date, it was finally time this week. For example, the free multiplayer update to Beat Saber is available on PlayStation VR and enriches the title by a multiplayer component. For the committee on the multiplayer mode, a short trailer was published, which of course we do not want to consider you.

Put on up to five players at the same time

In the multiplayer of Beat Saber you not only get the opportunity to customize your Avatar. At the same time, you can proof your talent or your reactions in the duel with up to five players simultaneously. You choose from the numerous available songs and looks at the corresponding lobbies in which you can interact with other players.

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During the development, the multiplayer has given various improvements, which held in the course of the new update collection in Beat Saber .

Multiplayer badge: How did everyone be beaten in the match? Look for who worked mostatically and who was slowest. Everyone gets the badge he deserves.
Exciting result screen: Enjoy the fireworks while you celebrate side by side on the winning podium.
The ability to set custom colors in multiplayer: Selects your favorite color for dice and saber.

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