The United States Army (U.S. Army) is the army of the Agreement of the United States and the largest of the United States eight uniform services. It was prepared in 1775 during the Independence War and contributed significantly to the emergence of the United States. The order of the Army, as it is called in official language usage, is the preservation of US interests abroad, but also the military defense of the United States towards other states. It maintains bases around the world.
The Army had 480,893 active soldiers in September 2020. The Army National Guard 336.129 and the Army Reserve has 188,703 soldiers. When involving the two reserve instances, the Army in September 2020 had a strength of 1,005,725 soldiers. In addition, she had 252,747 civilian employees in September 2020. In the staff strength exceeded the U.S. Army from the army of the People s Republic of China, the Indian army and the army North Korea.
The U.S. Army was involved in all major wars of the 20th century as well as to dozens of United States interventions. Since the Second World War, it has been considered the survived and mobile army of the world. Above all since the end of the Cold War, however, it is confronted by militarily inferior opponents with asymmetric warfare tactics.
The term United States Army is often inaccurate as US Army translated into German. In fact, he only covers the partial force army, while under the army of a country in the German language usually the entirety of the armed forces is understood. In the United States, the term Army may also be meant the two reserve components of the Federal Reserve and National Guard. This article is limited to the professional army.

Only the 1: 5 debacle against Bayern, then the derby against Cologne, in which after a 2-0 lead not only two points, but also two scorers lost.

As Leverkusen announced in the late Monday afternoon, the Werkself has to do without Patrik Schick and Karim Bellarabi for the time being, which had scored two goals against Cologne.

According to club information, Bellarabi is a muscle fiber rupture in the rear muscles of the right thigh , at Goalgetter s chic (eight goal directors) around a ribbon tear in the left ankle ankle . The spreadsheet expects his two attackers only back after the country break in mid-November .

For chic, the Argentinian Lucas Alario will take over the position as a central attacker, Bellarabi moved mostly with Paulina or Amine Adli anyway. Already on Wednesday, the next probationary sample follows the cup match against Karlsruher SC, next Saturday the Werkself receives the VfL Wolfsburg.