Neptune acquired 44 percent of Mobile Games Developers, Mobile Game Developers.

Perfhed is a developer established in 2020 based on tridy communications, which produced online community game perfusion by 2016, 2003. Currently, I am developing a mobile game perfphiprid M, based on online puppy, and proceeds a user target private test in December.

Perfp PREED M is a mobile social game, the original social element is put in accordance with the latest flow. Enjoy other users and various activities in the virtual space in the game, providing a highly freedom avatar customizing, spatial decorating, and brand marketing theme space based on open APIs.

Perfp Preading has a foundation that can lead the production and operation know-how and trends, and said, I will do our best to make a leading global metabus platform with Neptune.

Neptune Yu Tae-woong said, As a result of Neptun, the online trend is continuing due to Nonorona 19, the Metropolitan Trend is continuing and the Metropolitan Government s movement is being faster. I would have done several attempts to expand to the steps to create economies and cultural value:

Meanwhile, Neptune is a subsidiary of VR Platform Developer Mammars with a Gimind, a Virtual Human Production Technology, and has been a subsidiary of Mam Mammos, and has been aid in Dip Studio, a pulse and a pulse, which has a K-POP digital idol.