Just to pursue the Bundesliga is not enough for many. With the football manager game Comunio, enthusiastic fans can set up their own team and gather points for their players on every matchday.

You want to set up a team with Bayern-Torjäger Robert Lewandowski, BVB-Youngster Jude Bellingham and Angelino from RB Leipzig? Comunio makes it possible: In the popular football manager you can put together your own elf from the players of the 18 Bundesliga clubs and go on score.

All players are evaluated depending on their services. Those who collect the most points is the expert in his community. These can be founded with your friends, colleagues, neighbors or your family yourself – or simply join an open group.

Here s the registration!

After each matchday, the overall result will be automatically calculated and distributed based on premiums. Already during the game day all players can watch their points stands live.

You can choose between numerous tactical variants – from 5-4-1 to 3-3-4 everything is possible!

Anyone who wants to experience the all-round carefree package can participate as comunio.de plus player (only 16.80 EUR annual) or comunio.de per player (only 19.80 EUR per year) and additionally great features such as Live Inquiries Use for a game day.

In addition, there is the possibility to participate with your teammates on free prediction game . Who proves good nose here, can be Comunio account additionally improving!

You want to know more? Lots of interesting facts around the best points collectors, current market value winners and losers or insider tips on the transfer market can be found here!