The third and last legendary bear does not look like his brothers. Out with a dull drip feed, the legendary Golden Spirit Bear is not a random meeting like previous bear. The meeting is similar to Legendary Bounties of the role Bounty Hunter. They must be initiated by the correct NPC. The bear can be sampled or killed for rewards, money or clothes.

This week s bear is locked behind Harriet s observation mission. These updates are less common than free roaming meetings but overall easier. They can be played several times to quickly collect all rewards and fill out the animal field guide. In order to complete the Golden Spirit Bear Section in the field guide, you will need to follow the animal once, kill it once, scream once, take at least one photo and sample it once.

To initiate the meeting, you will have to talk with Harriet. We hope you have not killed too many animals lately. If this is the case, Harriet will vaporize you with his hallucinogenic concoction. After a brief refill time, you can interact again with Harriet.

If you have not completed the Golden Spirit Bear Observation Mission, the Mission will appear at the bottom of the Rotary List on the Harriet Mission Selection screen. It will be down whatever the rotation selection. After making this mission, it will be added to the rotation. Continue to return to see Harriet and regularly check his missions to complete them.

To start the mission:

Go to one of Harriet s locations and talk with her

Red Dead Online - Legendary Golden Spirit Bear Mission [Animal Field Guide]

Select missions
Select the Golden Spirit Bear Mission at the bottom of the list

After selecting the mission, Harriet will speak briefly about the bear while he is responsible. Follow the instructions in the mission to find the bear. The first will be more cinematic and will have an impressive kinematics with the bear. The repeated missions will be less theatrical, but you can meet the original several times.

The bear can be sampled and skinned, but not in the same mission. If you kill it, a single member of your band can have the skin. If you taste it, everyone in your group will receive the sample. In order to completely complete the field guide on animals, you will need to repeat the mission.