Dota 2 is one of the ESPORTS with greater presence today, mainly by The International . The World Contest brings together the best of the year in a multimillionary contest, in which this year 40 MDD was distributed among 18 teams. In addition, view records were more than acceptable with the story of Team Spirit, Russian squad that was Matarreyes at the main event.

According to Sports Charts reports, a signature responsible for analyzing the numbers and statistics of the tournaments, The International 10 had a good number of spectators. The trend showed that Russian fanatics of Dota 2 were the ones who most tuned the parties with 1.2 million simultaneous spectators. In fact, they were the greatest contributors to which the great ending against psg.lgd is the most seen with a peak of 2.7 million viewers . A sum that greatly exceeds what was seen in The International 9, the last contest that had public present. There, the maximum number was about 1.9 million people, 37% less than in 2021.

Interestingly, outside the game that ended with the good streak of OG and the Team Secret meeting against psg.lgd, Team Spirit remained the most popular. According to the graphics of ESPORTS CHARTS, has an enviable none record of 32.5 million hours views , winning the star title of the show.

SECRET vs SPIRIT Game 1 — Beautiful Plays! TI10 Lower Bracket Final

While The International Transmission of The International 10 was not badly positioned, it was well below the Russian. The fury by Team Spirit promoted Russian fanatics, attesting to a team that came fair from regional qualifiers and took out all the favorites from the competition. His great end was about to be a 3-0, but psg.lgd lengthened the series up to a fifth set. There, the group of relatively new players gave the final Batacazo to proclaim himself champion. With this, Russia shouts champion since 2011 , when Natus Vincere opened The International with the first and only world victory of it.

The International was available on platforms such as DOTA TV, Facebook Gaming, Twitch, YouTube, among others. The numbers of each were convincing, in fact, exceeded those of the 2019 edition.