Crysis is a first-person shooter video clip game series created by German developer Crytek. The collection rotates around a group of military lead characters with nanosuits , highly progressed coat of mails that provide improved physical toughness, rate, protection, and cloaking capabilities. The lead characters deal with off versus hostile North Korean soldiers, greatly armed hirelings, and also a race of technically sophisticated aliens called the Ceph, that got here in the world numerous years earlier and also have actually recently been awakened. The series includes 3 primary installments, a standalone offshoot of the initial game with a different multiplayer title, and also a collection.

Crysis polarized. That has always been like that and should hardly change with the Remastered Trilogy. The acclaimed first part got a new edition last year, which, however, caused for long faces: Crysis Remastered was based on the weaker console traces, suffering from bugs and even missed a cool level from the PC original. Above all, however, the high hardware requirements that could not be explained by a few prowere textures and raytracing. Since then, a lot has happened since, the game was shaped with several patches and today makes a better figure than still in released – even if the PC original of 2007 still clearly has the nose.

With Crysis Remastered Trilogy (Buy Now), we now get a package that not only presents the first part, but for the first time Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 in beautiful form. And these Remaster versions can be properly seen! Crytek and Saber Interactive have taken themselves the criticism of the first Crysis Remastered to heart and attends a clean performance this time. The result convinces, especially console players can finally experience the shooters as they have always thought.

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The only downside: the Remastered Trilogy does not include the something forgotten offshoot Crysis Warhead. The bonus chapter around the Hero Psycho was very short, but succeeded – really a pity! All multiplayer modes of Crysis 2 and 3 were deleted, which can be passed. Finally, the multiplayer had not been able to prevail with the UR versions; To get him started today, would only devour unnecessary development work.

Note: In this test, we focus on Crysis 2 Remastered and Crysis 3 Remastered. Our reviews for the first Crysis Remastered can be found here:

Crysis Remastered in the Test for PC, Xbox One and PS4
Crysis Remastered in the test for Nintendo Switch

Maximum graphic

Let s first consider the technology on PC and consoles, because here a lot has done. Saber Interactive and Crytek have extremely replaced many textures in the second game and replaced with new, detailed variants. Glass has improved transparencies much more realistic than earlier and improved lighting as well as global illumination (svogi) ensure an atmospheric, more believable appearance. Even the hue has changed a little, the slightly bluest look of the original has been visibly defused, the new lighting is more realistic. In addition, weapon animations are no longer limited to 30fps and now look very supple. The same also applies to the chic wave movements or the waxing grass in Crysis 3.
Crysis 3 Remastered (PC) Source: PC Games

Technology on the PC: This time Schick und FLOTT

Only in the PC version of Crysis 2 Remastered are several rayTracing quality levels available, which, among other things, provide realistic reflections. For example, the environment reflects for example in puddles or in the paint of vehicles. (Comparative pictures are here!) From the second highest raytracing setting, you can even recognize your nanosuit in windows or in certain metallic surfaces. Although these effects are noticeably at the expense of performance, they can play significantly more frames with the DLS connected and thus – with the corresponding hardware \ – also play with fully illustrated graphics settings. A similar picture is shown in Crysis 3, which looked spectacular at its first publication and has lost little of his shine until today. Nevertheless, Crysis 3 Remastered also benefits from improved, realistic lighting and raytracing reflections, even if the visual progress will notice less than in Crysis 2. Remember: Crysis 3 is just eight years old.
Crysis 3 Remastered (PC) Source: PC Games

Technology on PS4 / PS5 and Xbox consoles: finally fluid!

Who knows the last two Crysis games only on the Xbox 360 or PS3 can look forward to a much more rounded game experience: Unlike in the first Crysis Remastered, the two new editions come closer to the PC versions and see through new lighting and sharp textures much more stylish than before. The resolution ranges from 900p on the old Xbox One to 4K resolution to PS5 and Xbox Series X. When things get hectic, the game adjusts the resolution dynamically down to create possible 60 frames per second. On PS4 and Xbox One man is limited to solid 30fps.
Crysis 3 Remastered (PS5) Source: PC Games The first Crysis Remastered leaves us on consoles still have the choice between raytracing and performance modes. In the console editions of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3, these options are missing. Instead, this time is the feel in the foreground. That s right! Crysis 2 and 3 play on modern consoles finally their strengths, they go liquid by hand and can also compete graphically with many modern games.

technology on the Switch: Surprisingly good

No surprise: The switch version does not look as good as the other editions. But they reflected in the test remarkably well! At first glance, it seems as if the switch implementations Xbox 360 versions are based on the old. The new weapons and ambient textures in Crysis 2 for example, we can make up anywhere. (Here s our graphics comparison.) However, both games still look very good and the atmosphere is fully maintained. But more importantly, the switch implementations typically run surprisingly smoothly. In Crysis 2 we experienced while at the beginning of even smaller performance dips, but generally remained stable action at 30fps – of which the original versions for Xbox 360 and PS3 can only dream of. The optically demanding Crysis 3 even cuts even better. This part we almost played out on the switch, here too, the implementation is pleasing round: High foresight, chic mood lighting, glare, grass, rain, water – everything, everything as clean playable. This makes Crysis 3 Remastered can be one of the best games that currently get her on the switch.

Crysis 3 remastered (PS5) frame SliderCrysis 3 remastered (Switch)

In Docked mode, switch to 900p version is limited in Handheld mode are being targeted 720p. Depending on the demands of the scene, the resolution is dynamically reduced, falling in practice but hardly on – ultimately counts especially the frame rate. However, we recommend that you turn on the switch, motion blur, since it provides in many cases for an unnecessarily muddy image. We also had in Crysis 3 Slightly raise the brightness in the options menu, because at the game in the middle part (once the night falls) simply appeared dark. Content changes course on the switch nothing, with one exception: If desired, you can also gyro-control target, if you like something.
Crysis 3 Remastered (Switch) Source: PC Games Crysis 3 Remastered (Switch) Source: PC Games Crysis 3 Remastered (Switch) Source: PC Games

What Crysis is different from the first part 2 and 3

When Crysis 2 was released ten years ago, it had a hard time with many fans. Crytek goodbye to those days of old virtues and developed his next matches with particular attention to the consoles, which made cuts with it. The reason for this was unpleasant: The original Crysis was indeed an engineering feat and cashed top ratings, but ate even the most modern hardware for breakfast and was – pirated in a wrong amount – according to Crytek. The new focus on consoles should solve the problem with piracy, but did not only technical challenges. In terms of content went Crytek new ways to a wider audience-positioned to address: the wonderfully wide jungle levels from the previous game were send by a graphical, but also replaces quite ausgelutschte New York City backdrop. The game flow was linear, destroying possibilities lower, the tactical possibilities of the predecessor faded into the background. The story tied only loosely to the first Crysis and wanted a continuation not quite work: The aliens suddenly had a name and looked completely different, this s been a mysterious military group, a new silent heroes and supporting characters who felt from the nothing emerge. This bill simply does not add up: Although the production nor atmospheric fails today, the thin plot stumbles with his trashy dialogues repeatedly about his own ambitions. A problem that also runs through the third part.

Crysis Remastered vs Original | Direct Comparison

Crysis 2 Remastered compared

Switch PS5 PC (Remastered) PC (Original)

Frame match

And is still fun today?

But who writes Crysis 2 and 3 because of their story, misses two class shooters that still convince today! In many ways, the two games are even better aged than the first part. The action goes to the gamepad liquid from the hand and feels consistently satisfactory. Only the occasional dropouts in the opponent Ki are still disturbing. The nanosuit gameplay is still fun for this: thanks to your high-tech suit you can change fluid between a camouflage and armor mode, quickly race, jump up, or jump on edges. That still plays nice dynamic. Crysis 3 is even more fun in this regard, because you will receive the cool Predator bow here, with which you can finally fire firnest. This cares along with the slightly more open leveldesign for more tactical possibilities and exciting cat and mouse battles. However, Crysis 3 is extremely short, in 5 to 7 hours one is normally through. That s even less than in the two previous games. Increased with the Crysis Remastered Trilogy, you will still receive up to 25 hours of shooter entertainment, playful unchanged, but technically significantly polished.

Now you just have to decide if you value the purchase price of 50 euros.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy is published for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. If you already have the first Crysis Remastered, you will receive a discount on the trilogy collection. The PC version of the trilogy is available via the Epic Games Store. On Steam, there is so far only the first Crysis Remastered.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy (PC)

Crysis Remastered Trilogy (PS5)

Crysis Remastered Trilogy (PS4)

Crysis Remastered Trilogy (NSW)

Crysis Remastered Trilogy (XBO)

Crysis Remastered Trilogy (XSX)

Pro Contra

Ordinary performance on all platforms (Crysis 2 and Crysis 3)
New lighting and sharper textures
Chic raytracing in Crysis 2 (PC)
Custom fun nanosuit gameplay
Atmospheric staging
Also on Switch surprisingly considerable (Crysis 2 and Crysis 3)
Three games included
Free language selection

Remaster by Crysis 1 worse than the PC original
Arg linear level design in Crysis 2
Trashy story with dozens of gaps and contradictions
Occasionally stupid enemy AI including dropouts
Checkpoints not set always ideal

Crysis 3 is pretty fall short
Crysis Warhead is missing in the collection

More Pros & Cons …

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