After the trailer was lacted yesterday in inferior quality, Sony Pictures Entertainment now officially published him. In it we see the well-known actor Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in the roles of Nathan Drake and Victor Sully Sullivan. Chloe Frazer is also visible from Sophia Taylor Ali.

The two iconic video game characters go on the search for the greatest treasure that was never found . At the same time they discover promising hints that they could lead to Nathan s missing brother.

As already leaked we get a scene to face, the third party players will know very well. Drake tries to prevent to be thrown out of a cargo plane and finds itself back in a fight in the middle of the air.

However, in the film, the action of the video game offshoot is not told, but the prehistory of the daring treasure treasure. Accordingly, the story revolves around a younger Nathan Drake, who emulates his mentor.

For damped fans as well as newcomers

Sony Pictures Entertainment, PlayStation Productions and Naughty Dog worked closely together in the emergence of this film. As a director, the American Ruben Fleischer acts, according to which this project was filmed for both hardcore fans and beginners. These two target groups are to be fully entertained by this entertaining and action-packed film .

Standoff 2 - Very Low Quality Challenge ????

The theatrical release is scheduled for the last shift for the 18th of February. In addition, the Legacy of Thieves Collection appears around this period.

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