The Gumball 3000 is an annual international rally that usually takes place in the spring or summer on the road network across Europe, the United States and Asia in the form of a rally. It owes its name to the races made in the 1970s in the United States, then called cannonball , which inspired the film The Gumball Rally, where participants of all nationalities had to travel 3,000 miles. The organization also includes closed circuit stages, stop in luxury hotels or alcoholic evenings. The participation is paying: In 2018 they were at 67 000 € for the new commitments and € 56,000 for regulars [Ref. necessary]. This reserves the participation in wealthy people who practice it at the wheel of exceptional sports cars [ref. necessary].

Indota 2 won Team Spirit from Moscow the World Championships The International in 2021. This achievement congratulates the Russian President Vladimir Putin with a message to the entire team.

What is the occasion? On October 17, the final of the DOTA 2 World Cup The International ran. There was the Chinese star team PSG.LGD of the Russian team Team Spirit . A Best-of-Five was played, the Team Spirit finally gained 3: 2 for itself.

The players thus secured the largest E-Sport Tournament price so far. Even the Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a message to the players in which he congratulates them to their outstanding skills.

Putin emphasizes the outstanding leadership qualities of the players

How did it ran for Team Spirit? The final of international was scarce. At first, Team Spirit secured the first two games and is thus 2: 0 at the front. But in the following two matches, the Chinese won Team PSG.LGD. Only in game 5 Team Spirit could win again and got the price to Russia.

As a prize money, there is more than $ 18,000,000 for the winning team, which corresponds to about 15.7, millions of euros. This is the biggest profit distribution in the history of e-sports (via

So congratulated Vladimir Putin: After her victory Team Spirit received an official letter from the Russian President Vladimir Putin:

Congratulations on your well-deserved victory at The International-2021, the Dota-2 World Cup. For the first time in history, Team Spirit s Russian team has won this prestigious competition. Well done! (via, Translated with

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In the further part of the letter, Putin goes on the special performance of the team.

He talks about solidarity and leadership that brought the team into the final and from an initiative that secured the victory.

On the way to the final, you have proven great leadership and solidarity, and in the crucial battle, which was a real test for can and character, you will concentrate and snatch your strong opponents at the crucial moment the initiative. In fact, it was proved that our Cyber ​​athletes are always focused on the result and capable of conquering each summit.

I wish you much success and good luck.

Vladimir Putin

(via, Translated with

Natus Vincere (Na vi) was able to bring the last great victory for an Eastern European team at the International of Dota 2 in 2011.

The Moba Dota 2 is known to pour huge prize money at the World Championships. Much of these prize pools are composed of the Ingame purchases, making players in Dota 2. So you have a direct impact on how much money the individual teams can win.

Even before the Grand International 2021, DOTA 2 poured $ 235 million prize money – but only 0.002% of it went to women.