We have proved that our e-sports players could conquer any normal

On Oct. 18th, the Russian Team Team Spirit , which won the International 2021 International Convention International 2021 , which is subject to valve Corporation, has left public celebration messages. The message can be found in the Kremlin Palace website Kremlin.ru .

Putin said, It has been demonstrated that the leadership of the leadership with the way to the finals, and took the lead in the strong opponent in the most decisive moment, and We have proved that our e-sports players could be a goal orientation, and conquering any normal, Team Spirit was praised with the words.

Team Spirit has won the trophy on Eastern Europe in 10 years through this tournament. Since the first tournament, the Ukrainian Team Netus Pie was won since the winner of the Ukrainian team, In particular, Team Spires are made up of two Ukrainian players and three Russian players, and Putin will be celebrated.

For reference, Team Spirit has won $ 18.2 million (US $ 21.5 billion), the largest single competition prize in E-Sports history through winning this tournament. Due to Corona 19, the Da International 2020 , which was scheduled to be held last year, and the prize money was transferred to the 2021 conference.