FIFA 22 is already here and as every year, the debate is reopened about if annual deliveries are really justified in this type of game, beyond the updates in the templates , licenses and others. For its part, from Electronic Arts strive to present a new delivery that includes sufficient news so that players feel that the purchase of the new game is worth it.

However, not always the new deliveries are equally justified, in some, EA manages to include News or Advances sufficient that make your new game a significant change in gameplay or game modes , while on other occasions the titles New ones feel really continuous.

Hypermotion technology is the great novelty of this year This year, FIFA 22 has opted for Hypermotion technology as a great playable novelty, a capture of movements of 22 professional players playing high intensity, which results in a technology Automatic learning to get players show in the field some more realistic animations and that the gameplay feels more faithful to how we would see it in a real field.

As we explain in our FIFA 22 analysis, this movement technology has served for Trapped when we fight across the ball, transitions have also been benefited, with fewer sudden changes and robotic movements.

But is Hypermotion technology a jump that will suppose a great change for the saga? The future will tell us. Meanwhile, we wanted to do a review for the Veteran Soccer Saga of Electronic Arts from its beginning in 1993, with some of its most important changes , those who felt like a great novelty and They have had an important impact in the saga with the passage of time.