If you did not know the Super Mario manga before today, you may be surprised to know his existence. That s exactly what it looks like; Mario in a classic Japanese cartoon shape. It was published for the first time thirty years ago in 1990 and he is still in progress. The last issue came out in October. So far, this series came out exclusively in Japanese, but last week it was available for the first time in English. Honestly, it does not look like any Mario I have ever seen. Bob Hoskins looked more like Mario than that.

Super Mario Manga Mania: Strange, Funny, and Heartrending? - Thane Gaming

The Super Mario manga was written and illustrated by Yukio Sawada. If there are more than fifty numbers in the series, the English collection is not the entire series. The Super Mario Manga Mania is a small number, sorted on the component by Sawada for Western location. It is unlikely that the whole series will be localized in the future, but fans can hope. They can also learn Japanese and read it in its original format, but it s a bit too much. The series may not be complete, but on the right side, if you order now, you can get your order in time for a non-confessional winter vacation.

Mario has lived a ton of adventures and went into countless worlds in his various video games, but it may be time for us to meet him as a book. Super Mario Manga Mania is now on sale in papel format.

Are you interested in the Super Mario manga or are you going to just stick to video games? Let us know in the comments below.

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