Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announces that Star Trek players can now take part on PC, Xbox and Playstation online at the very first Halloween event in the game The Case of Old . The event starts today after a server maintenance and ends on 3 November 2021.

Similar to the event for the First Contact event, this event starts with a single activity, but will be expanded over time.

The players beamed to an ancient castle on Pyris VII, where they meet the old , the famous aliens from the spaceship enterprise episode The spookle lock in space . These outerlyactic beings have traveled to the Milky Way to study humanity, but their plans were disturbed by the ghostly devidians. In this new mission command, the players face the horrors, the once Captain Kirk, Mr. Scott and Dr. McCoy had to stand out.

Those who are brave enough to venture into the darkness full of dangers and travels will be unlocked in the case of the old one of this beings as a prestige companion as well as the universal kit module Torment Staff , with which transforms his opponents into a black cat, the with other opponents shields and other forces can be exchanged. To get these items, you have to achieve daily progress once a day and account for two weeks by completing the new commands cat history .