Finally there is new information about the anti-cheat system of Call of Duty: Vanguard and the Battle Royale Warzone. The system is called ricochet and should increase the safety of the COD servers and your accounts, as well as recognize suspicious behavior on the PC via a kernel driver. Meinmmo shows you the details.

Why comes with COD a new anti-cheat system? Cheater are the great problem of modern cod games and have in recent months, as soon as years, many players messed up their matches.

If it used to be only a few cheaters in the short mutlplayer matches, the problem with the introduction of Battle Royale formats in the COD franchise became more annoying. Especially the popular Call of Duty: Warzone suffers from many cheaters, but is completely redesigned with the release of the new COD: Vanguard and gets the completely new anti-cheat system Ricochet .

When the anti-cheat comes to which fronts the new security systems attack and how the kernel driver works on the PC, you will learn here.

Warzone gets complete protection with the Pacific Update

When will the new system be introduced? Ricochet consists of several parts:

Servers-side analysis tools
Improved examination processes
Increasing account security
Kernel drivers on the PC

The first three measures are directly available to the release of Vanguard on 05. November and come with the Pacific Update to the Warzone.

When the Pacific Update comes, but is not sure yet. Currently a release is probably in the beginning of December, because on 02.12.21 the Battle Pass of the current Season 6 expires and Season 1 is likely to start from Vanguard. Officially, however, only later this year . The update also brings a new map and the Vanguard engine to the Warzone.

The kernel driver is also ready for Warzone with the Pacific Update – for Vanguard, this part of the security update occurs later, at a previously unknown time.

How does RICOCHET? There are not many details about how the new system works. Any detail of the work of the new anti-cheat could help developers from Cheat program to develop new chat software.

However, the COD developers emphasize that RICOCHET is not only about the new kernel driver on the PC. Rather, it is a comprehensive process and monitoring upgrade in the background and the kernel driver is only part of the measures.

How safe is the system? This can not yet be assessed. In a FAQ to Ricochet is under the question If the cheating problem is solved with it? That there are many different types of fraud and no solid guidelines, which is actually.

The system should be steadily developed under this idea to enable comprehensive protection against fraud.

COD also emphasizes that two-factor authentication continues to be an important part of the account security. Log in to set up your 2FA. Also, the reporting chainers in the game helps the person in charge.

We bind the brief overview trailer to the new anti-cheat:

Warzone Anti Cheat Could Cause Problems

Reply to the Ricochet driver on the PC

What makes the ricochet driver? The driver is a small program on your PC, which monitors software and applications interacting with Call of Duty. It only collects data related to the corresponding cod games. The data should help identify suspicious software behavior.

For example, the developers can examine what application interactions came to caught chatters and use this experience to uncover other cheaters.

Does the kernel driver run all the time? Call of Duty explains in the blog to anti-cheat that monitoring is only active when a COD game is running with Ricochet protection.

Do I have to download an extra program for COD Zock? No, the kernel driver of Ricochet is part of Warzone and later also by Vanguard. As soon as you download one of the games, you have the driver on your PC.

Can I uninstall the driver? Only together with the corresponding games. The RICOCHET driver is part of the installation files and can not be uninstalled separately.

There is a ricochet program on the consoles? The kernel driver is only for the PC and on the consoles of PlayStation and Xbox there is no additional monitoring. However, the server-side measures of Ricochet also apply to the consoles.

If you want to look at the English FAQ to the Ricochet system yourself, then you will find it at Activision Support (via

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