Back 4 Blood is available for the general public today. This cooperative zombie shooter, another game that tries to play the role of spiritual successor of the Left 4 Dead series of Valve, has players assuming the roles of several cleaners and opening their way through different acts. On the way, you will pick up new weapons, you will fight against a variety of different special zombies and try to survive the Apocalypse. What could surprise you when you start the game is that only four of the eight cleaning games are available for you. In this Back 4 Blood Unlock All Cleaners guide, we will not only review how to get the four blocked Cleaners, but we will also talk about each skill of Cleaners and which one will be more useful in NightMare difficulty mode.

Back 4 Blood Unlock All Cleaners Guide: How to unlock Doc, Hoffman, Jim and Karlee

To open the entire Back 4 Blood list, you must play Back 4 Blood online with other players and complete the first four levels of the game. After crossing Resurgence, Tunnel of Blood, Pain Train and The Crossing, you will receive a notification that you have completed the first chapter of Act 1 called The Devil s Return. There will be a brief scene that shows Doc, Hoffman, Jim and Karlee presenting them to the players. For completing the return of the devil, you will also get the following benefits:

Unlock the paid the toll achievement, which should simultaneously unlock the achievement Paid the Toll
150 supply points

Unlock all characters – Back 4 Special blood cleaner skills

Below is a list of each character and the special skills it has. These can be important not only to increase the possibilities of your team, but also to cover a game failure you know it has.

Back 4 Blood – Evangelo

It has a break rate of 75% and can escape from the grip of a special mounted once per minute
Regeneration of increased resistance by 25%
\ + 5% more movement speed for the equipment

Back 4 Blood – Doc Skills

You can cure teammates when they have little health without requiring health elements.
Cure for more hp
Improves the resistance of the equipment to trauma (the trauma will reduce the maximum HP of a cleanser as it receives damage)

Back 4 Blood – Hoffman skills

Kill Ridden sometimes can drop ammunition
Hoffman can carry an extra offensive item, such as a pomegranate or a tube pump.
\ + 10% to the maximum equipment ammunition

Back 4 Blood – Holly skills

Recovers 10 resistance in a death.
\ + 10% more resistance to damage
+25 endure the equipment

Back 4 Blood – Jim Skills

Each precision death will accumulate 2.5% of your damage, but once Jim receives damage, he returns to normal.
\ + 25% speed to point down
Increase the damage that the team does by hitting Ridden s weak points

Back 4 Blood – Karlee Skills

It is capable of detecting nearby hazards.
KARLEE can carry an additional utility item, such as an ammunition bag or a defibrillator.
\ + 50% speed when the Use action is used, such as opening a box

VCD - Evil Science 100% in 59:33 (Personal Best)
Back 4 Blood – Mom Skills

You can instantly revive a teammate once per level
Mom can carry an additional healing article, such as analgesics or a medicine kit.
The team will have an additional equipment life

Back 4 Blood – Hiker Skills

Every precision death will give Walker a greater precision for five seconds.
\ + 10% increase to overall damage
+10 maximum health for the equipment

Back 4 Blood Unlock All Cleaners Guide: The best equipment for nightmare mode

There are many blends and combinations that can be made between these eight characters, but from them, the best way to get a full impulse for your characters is to use Hoffman, Mom, Doctor and Holly .

The greatest use of Hoffman is the ammunition that he can drop. These collections are not limited only to it, so whenever your Hoffman leads the package and eliminate as many ridden as possible, it will ensure that the rest of the group is as supplied as possible, that the amount of ammunition of each member From the group is increased even more by Hoffman is also a cherry at the top. In the highest difficulties, the Ridden may need much more ammunition to leave it, so it will be invaluable. Having an additional pipe pump can also be useful at a decisive moment.

Even reading mom s skills up, an instant collection for a partner shot down, and that there is an additional equipment life, you should be able to instantly know that this is the kind of security you want. Any opportunity you have to get extra life in a game is usually a good option. Then, when things get really difficult, the additional curative elements will be useful.

If mom s abilities are the best for when you are depressed, the doc does everything possible to make sure the team does not even fall. The slowdown of trauma damage and free cures to teammates with little health will do wonders to slow down the rapidity with which you will burn health and health items. While stabilization is not as good as a complete kit, having those pieces stored for when they are needed is the optimal way to play.

Finally, Holly, compared to Walker or Jim with more damage, Holly may seem like a kind of black sheep, but every time you play and flee from the Ridden or crushes with a melee attack, you will be thanking Holly. Those extra resistance. Directing you to combat, you may not see the use, but when a special ridden appears, or you feel that you really need to go back and get away from the action, the resistance will ensure that you go out safe and do not be in the middle of a horde. For similar resistance / race speeds, you could also replace Holly by evangelo, but in general it would not be so good for the team.

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