This year, there seems to be the next announcement of a remakes for PlayStation. Singer Éabha McMahon has sparkled in a radio interview with an Irish station. According to her statement, the revelation is planned against Christmas. Meanwhile, the artist has also learned the title of Remakes. She did not call him – but it should be a big game.

Éabha McMahon was contacted for one and a half years from composer Michael McGlynn, which is probably responsible for the soundtrack of the mysterious project. For a particular song in which parts are sung in the Irish language, the voice of McMahon has been desired, which itself comes from Dublin in Ireland. Only recently should the singer have learned for which game they even recorded the song together with McGlynn. Announcement for Christmas speaks for a revelation under the Game Awards or a PlayStation Experience, which returned in the past last repeatedly rumors.

On the internet, fans already speculate, which remake could act. Among other things, a new edition of Metal Gear Solid was discussed again. At the end of the title, the song The Best Is Yet to Come is heard – a piece sung in Gaelic and thus in Irish language from an artist. Even the then soundtrack of the role-playing game Xenogears should have placed on Gaelic music works. The interview was broadcast in the program The Lunchbox at WLR FM on Thursday from 12 to 13 o clock. On the website of the radio station, the conversation (at 36:40) can be found again.

Source: WLR FM Via Reddit

From Dominik Zwingmann
08.10.2021 at 17:39