It is clear that the universes presented in videogames are so vast that several films could be made with a single franchise. But, even though multiple attempts have been made within this area, the community is not interested in the Union between cinema and video game. Or, at least, according to the films released so far. And although it seems that there is still a great effort for these interactive adventures to the film ground, Microsoft has assured its little predisposition to follow this trend .

Whenever we look at something in linear space we are very, very cautious Phil Spencer after all, when we talk about numbers, it is observed a big difference between these two means. Something that Phil Spencer has explained in a chat with Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, during the Thegrill 2021 event, collected by Gamespot. In this sense, the Chief of Xbox thinks that the figures between video games and cinema are so different that the idea of ​​an audiovisual production should be seriously considered : I think the commercial value, market value on property Intellectual of first-class games today is very high. For us, whenever we look at something in linear space We are very, very cautious .

we see the movies more like exhibition or as marketing opportunities Phil Spencer Therefore, Spencer does not want to risk that the benefits of a video game can be harmed because of a film criticized, if it ends up causing A negative impact in a franchise. So we see them more like exposure or as marketing opportunities , which adds to the perception of Spencer that the interactivity of the videogame is lost if its history is transported to a more passive medium with the consumer.

Phil Spencer The Head of Xbox Speaks at Xbox E3 2019 Briefing
Despite this, Microsoft does not rule out of all that some of his most famous IPs tread the red carpet , since projects have been announced as a minecraft movie whose release date is to be decided and a series of halo that will come EN 2022. In addition, Microsoft s opinion is far from that of other companies as Naughty Dog , which has collaborated with HBO to make a number of which we already know its first official image, or Nintendo with Super Mario, who has revealed a campus of voice actors of the most peculiar.