Renovating An ENITRE Airport?! Airport Renovator FREE Demo | Z1 Gaming
You always wanted to open a run-down airport? Then Steam now has the perfect simulator for you. The Airport Renovator will soon open its free doors in the course of Steam Next.

Airport Renovator play for free on Steam

Once an airport overtake overall, as it was also the known disaster airport about the case? This is possible with the upcoming Simulator Airport Renovato r by Two Horizons.

Only that this is a old and abandoned airport , in which nature has recaptured its part.

Packs your ax and other tools and makes the airport pretty again – that s your task! Check out the latest trailer to the renovation simulator here once on:

If you are looking forward to playing in the Airport Renovator, there is great news. In the context of the upcoming Steam Next you can be found by 01 . Try out the demo of the game until 07. October and thus demonstrate your own renovation arts.

That awaits you in the airport simulator

Of course, the main task of the simulator is the restoration of the airport . Take care of roller fields, hangars, control towers and much more. The successful construction of your owners of course also maintain regular maintenance on the plan.

A special element of the game are the air sprays of your friend Amelia , which give you the necessary tools and materials for a successful renovation to your hand. In the boxes of mysterious Loot await you, you should have successfully brought a mission behind you.

Also, look forward to a really inviting optics and changing weather conditions .

Which current work simulations can you still let off? This picture line tells you:

From the 1st of October you can play the Airport Renovator for free on Steam. You should definitely use the opportunity during Steam Next. When the game is finally appearing is not yet known.