WoW players can collect up to 6,850 conquest points in season 2 from Shadowlands. Conquest points allow you to buy and enhance good PVP equipment if you have the right rating. However, collecting the points is tough – especially when you have brought behind or a new character to level 60.

In order to get faster to the important resource, the developers already increase with the next ID reset on Wednesday the amount of conquest points from all sources by 70 percent.

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We ve Lakes Feedback That Takes Too Many Games to Reach The Conquest Cap, And We Agree. We re making the following change:

Conquest Awarded by All Activities Has Been Increased by 70% .

The Hotfix Will Go live in Each Region During Scheduled Weekly Maintenance (7:00 A.M. PDT Tuesday, September 28 in This Region) .

70 percent buff also for convertible points? Yes, please!
That should make the equipping of PVP twinks a bit easier. But we would also wish this comfort function for convertible points. Especially because of the new servant dealer, which is introduced in the coming patch 9.1.5.
WOW: With ID Reset – 70% more Baptismal points from all sources (2) Source: Conquest Awarded in Oribos, you will find a new dealer next to the air champion at the upper level (coordinates 60/71), which for 500 contraception points a random mythical Plus object with Itemlevel 210 sold. The prerequisite is a mythical-plus rating of 1,500 on the respective character.

Why not make the NPC directly to a real tap-focus dealer, where you can choose the items (especially that exactly the change for Korthian armor tokens with patch 9.1.5), no one knows exactly …

Do you find 70 percent more conquest points enough? Do you need the points as a PVP player? Write us in the comments!

Source : Blizzard-US forum

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