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Month: September 2021

Saves the BER Airport

Renovating An ENITRE Airport?! Airport Renovator FREE Demo | Z1 Gaming
You always wanted to open a run-down airport? Then Steam now has the perfect simulator for you. The Airport Renovator will soon open its free doors in the course of Steam Next.

Airport Renovator play for free on Steam

Once an airport overtake overall, as it was also the known disaster airport about the case? This is possible with the upcoming Simulator Airport Renovato r by Two Horizons.

Only that this is a old and abandoned airport , in which nature has recaptured its part.

Packs your ax and other tools and makes the airport pretty again – that s your task! Check out the latest trailer to the renovation simulator here once on:

If you are looking forward to playing in the Airport Renovator, there is great news. In the context of the upcoming Steam Next you can be found by 01 . Try out the demo of the game until 07. October and thus demonstrate your own renovation arts.

That awaits you in the airport simulator

Of course, the main task of the simulator is the restoration of the airport . Take care of roller fields, hangars, control towers and much more. The successful construction of your owners of course also maintain regular maintenance on the plan.

A special element of the game are the air sprays of your friend Amelia , which give you the necessary tools and materials for a successful renovation to your hand. In the boxes of mysterious Loot await you, you should have successfully brought a mission behind you.

Also, look forward to a really inviting optics and changing weather conditions .

Which current work simulations can you still let off? This picture line tells you:

From the 1st of October you can play the Airport Renovator for free on Steam. You should definitely use the opportunity during Steam Next. When the game is finally appearing is not yet known.

Wow With ID reset 70 percent more conquest points from all sources

WoW players can collect up to 6,850 conquest points in season 2 from Shadowlands. Conquest points allow you to buy and enhance good PVP equipment if you have the right rating. However, collecting the points is tough – especially when you have brought behind or a new character to level 60.

In order to get faster to the important resource, the developers already increase with the next ID reset on Wednesday the amount of conquest points from all sources by 70 percent.

Original Blue Post


We ve Lakes Feedback That Takes Too Many Games to Reach The Conquest Cap, And We Agree. We re making the following change:

Conquest Awarded by All Activities Has Been Increased by 70% .

The Hotfix Will Go live in Each Region During Scheduled Weekly Maintenance (7:00 A.M. PDT Tuesday, September 28 in This Region) .

70 percent buff also for convertible points? Yes, please!
That should make the equipping of PVP twinks a bit easier. But we would also wish this comfort function for convertible points. Especially because of the new servant dealer, which is introduced in the coming patch 9.1.5.
WOW: With ID Reset – 70% more Baptismal points from all sources (2) Source: Conquest Awarded in Oribos, you will find a new dealer next to the air champion at the upper level (coordinates 60/71), which for 500 contraception points a random mythical Plus object with Itemlevel 210 sold. The prerequisite is a mythical-plus rating of 1,500 on the respective character.

Why not make the NPC directly to a real tap-focus dealer, where you can choose the items (especially that exactly the change for Korthian armor tokens with patch 9.1.5), no one knows exactly …

Do you find 70 percent more conquest points enough? Do you need the points as a PVP player? Write us in the comments!

Source : Blizzard-US forum

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition When you get your 4600 FIFA Points and other bonuses in the game

FIFA 21 is an association football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts as component of the FIFA collection. It is the 28th installment in the FIFA series, as well as was released on 9 October 2020 for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Enhanced variations for the PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X and also Series S were released on 3 December 2020, in enhancement to a variation for Stadia in March 2021.

With the launch of FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition, many players are probably thinking about all their bonus items within the game to buy the most expensive version of the game, but when will you get it? 4600 FIFA Points and other elements of the Ultimate Edition game? Here has everything you need to know about it.

When you get your 4600 FIFA Points in FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition?

The good news is that you will not have to wait to get your 4600 FIFA Points. Now that the Ultimate Edition was officially launched, once you load the game on your console, you should see that the 4,600 FIFA Points have been added to the balance of your existing account.

In the same way, you should also know that you have your FUT team player of week 1, the borrowed article of Kylian Mbappé and the Player Borrowed Ambassador Choose the items that await you on the screen. Shop .

The three articles are included in a package, so go to the store, open it and you can add them to your team.

What about non-tradable items to take into account?

The free item os to Watch (OTW) will not be published until 10 a.m.

Along with the launch of the free map os to watch for FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition owners, there will also be an OTW SBC that will be activated at the same time. This will give players the option to add another of these promotional cards to their squadron. The requirements for SBC OTW have not yet been published.

This is all you need to know when you get your 4600 FIFA Points from FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition . To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or consult more information about the game below.

If you want to take advantage of these bonus items before it is too late, you can buy the Ultimate Edition here.

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SC Freiburg vs FC Augsburg Bundesliga now in the live ticker

Freiburg against Augsburg, 7. against 14. If you do not want to miss anything from the south duel, then you are exactly right here: With the Christian Günter Liabticker you always remain up-to-date.

Now secure the Dazn Probemonat and see the Friday and Sunday games of the Bundesliga live.

SC Freiburg vs. FC Augsburg – 3: 0



1: 0 Kübler (6th), 2: 0 Höler (25.), 3: 0 Grifo (33./he)

Installation SC Freiburg


Fleckken – Gulde, Lienhart, Schlotterbeck – Kübler, Eggestein, Höfler, Günter – Höler – Jeong, Grifo

Installation FC Augsburg

| Gikiewicz – Gumny, Gouweleeuw, Oxford – Framberger (46th Gruezo), Dorsch, Pederson – Hahn (46th Zeqiri), Caligiuri – Lechtechner, Vargas

Yellow cards



This article will be continuously updated. Click here for the refresh of the page.

SC Freiburg vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga now in the live ticker – 3: 0

51.: After a foul by Florian Lechtechner to Nicolas Höfler has these problems. For a long time, the midfielder stays on the ground, before the caregers are running on the field at some point.

49.: In the duet, Vincenzo Grifo and Christian Günter on the left side for alarm. But however, the vote is not true at the end. The ball ends up. In addition, Günter is in the away.

46.: Apparently the guests have made something. Daniel Caligiuri ensures a goal close. The right-hand shot from the distance is the most dangerous what the FCA has put on the legs so far. Mark Flekken nevertheless parsly.

46.: Without personnel changes, Christian prank sends his team to the second game section.

46.: Go on!

SC Freiburg vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga now in the Liveticker – change Augsburg

46.: In addition, Raphael Framberger does not return, is replaced by Carlos Gruezo.

46.: For break, Markus Weinzierl dot twice. Andre Hahn stays in the cabin. Andi Zeqiri plays now.

Half-time Conclusion: Clear conditions prevail at the last Bundesliga game in the time-honored Dreifstaatadion. The SC Freiburg leads to the break against the FC Augsburg with 3: 0 – and does the thanks to a very tire performance deserves. The hosts proved to be shiny from the beginning. And the Breisgauer also succeeded pretty much. Early leadership (6.) certainly carried their part to refuel additional self-confidence. Thus, the guys from Christian Streich did not pay any doubts and laid regularly.

    • 1.: Quite punctually referees Daniel Schlager asks the actors for a break in the cabins.

45.: After a throw on the right Nicolas Höfler does not fit up. The ball slips him through. But the angle is spitz. Florian Lechnechner still tries it. Mark Flekken packs completely.

42.: So the sports club retains everything under control. In doing so, the hosts can even dose their use and have a few times without getting into Bredouille.

40.: From Augsburger Offensive game is hardly something to see. The Bavarian Swabia remain completely harmless. Markus Weinzierl will have to come up with a lot to get his team might still get into the track.

38.: From the left side Christian Günter kicks a free kick with the left foot in the middle, where Nicolas Höfler extends by head. The ball flies on the long corner. Since Rafal Gikiewicz has to go and pars with a hand.

35.: Such a little looks after a preliminary decision. Freiburg looks Bärenstark. And the guys of Christian Streich also succeeds pretty much everything. In the form, the households will be difficult to meet.

SC Freiburg vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga now in the Liveticker – Tor Freiburg

33.: TOOOOOR! SC Freiburg – FC Augsburg 3: 0. Vincenzo Grifo takes responsibility. With the right foot, the Italian international shoots the trademeter determined up to the left corner, while Rafał Gikiewicz is on the other side and is chance.

32.: Penalty for the SC Freiburg! Vincenzo Grifo pushes to the baseline on the left Christian Günter. With its flank, Raphael Framberger slips the left arm up and is hit there. Referee Daniel beats a penalty. The decision was also after the review.

29.: However, the guests may not act overflow. The defensive must stand, because the sports club just awaits that there are gaps.

27.: Without a question, the Freiburg leadership is fine. At the latest now the Augsburgs know that more is to be done, you want to come back to the game. The Fuggerstädter will have to come up with something to crack the glossy opponent.

SC Freiburg vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga now in the Liveticker – Tor Freiburg

25.: TOOOOOR! SC Freiburg – FC Augsburg 2: 0. Then the householders have vented enough, it goes forward again. Just just a passport attempt from Maximilian Eggestein has not worked. Now the pass through the center the better succeeds. With a noble movement, Lucas Höler makes the ball outstanding, thus immersing freely before Rafal Gikiewicz and raises the pill from six meters across the keeper in the right corner. For Höler is the second goal of the season.

23.: Thanks to two corners, the guests are facing ahead for a while. However, there is no real goalout.

21.: Daniel Calgiuri sends to the left Mads Pedersen in the penalty area. There is train in it. The Dane plays the ball flat in the scope. There Nico Schlotterbeck clarifies for the Freiburg and then breathes deep because the thing does not start back and lands in its own gate.

20.: Now the Augsburgers try to keep the ball in their own ranks over a longer period of time. Then you look slowly forward.

18.: Near the left box of gravity, Vincenzo Grifo simply pulls off. The right shot flies over the crossbar. Rafal Gikiewicz recognizes this early and sees that he does not have to intervene.

16.: In this phase, the hosts get the events really well under control. The men of Christian Streich control ball and opponents and increasingly relocate the game into the opposing half.

14.: With a soulful passport, Nicolas Höfler serves half-law in the Box Lucas Höler. From the run, this must take the ball out of the air. This is technically demanding. Clearly clean, the man does not hit the pill passing right on the box.

11.: In the further course, this calms. Freiburg can now make a trail of a trace and focus increasingly, to make life difficult for the counterparty.

9.: In any case, the Augsburgs try something. Daniel Caligiuri tries from the distance. However, the right-wing shot remains.

8.: Of course this is quite after the taste of the Freiburg fans. At the stadium difference, everything is going to plan for the first. What do the guests now have to object?

SC Freiburg vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga now in the Liveticker – Tor Freiburg

6.: TOOOOOR! SC Freiburg – FC Augsburg 1: 0. With a fine pass, Lucas Höler sends over the left side Christian Günter in the sixteen. With the left foot Freiburg Captain is looking for the degree. Rafal Gikiewicz can still parry this ball. The ball jumps in a half-right position to Lukas Kübler, DE the gate has opened in front of him, but must complete directly. The rightshot is sitting.

3.: During standards, the households then appear in appearance for the first time. At the right corner vane Christian Günter is trying to do. Nicolas Höfler goes well the cross and extends on the right side of the torespoon by head. Rafal Gikiewicz certainly starts the thing.

1.: Andre Hahn ensures a first goalkeeping. However, the legal shot from the second row is still lacking in precision.

1.: The ball rolls!

SC Freiburg vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga now in the Livetick – kick-off

Before starting: Just before the kick-off, we look at the impartial team. Daniel Schlager was entrusted with the game line. The 31-year-old has been a Bundesliga right since 2018 and comes to his 32nd use in the German Football House. At hand, the assistants Sven Washitzki and Arno Blos go. As a fourth official Robert Kempter acts.

Before starting: The FCA also had the FCA in the past playing time in Freiburg (0: 2). There, the Augsburgers could even win two games at all – 2015 in the Cup (3: 0) and 2014 in the Bundesliga (4: 2). Since then, from the Breisgau one took only something countable with – at a 1: 1 in September 2019.

Before starting: Augsburg brings a very small series of two unbeaten encounters. So the Fuggerstädter last celebrated its first home win of the season (1: 0 against Mönchengladbach). On the other hand, the Bavarian Swabia has always took something with him. In the Bundesliga there were two goatin draws in Frankfurt and at Union Berlin and a 4: 2 success in the DFB Cup at the Greifswalder SC. The last bankruptcy when traveling was started at the end of last season in Munich (2: 5).

Before starting: Of course, the Freiburg wants to drive a victory to say goodbye. The shape should have the Breisgauer, they are still unbeaten this season. Three won of the six compulsory matches. At home, after all, Borussia Dortmund has beaten 2: 1 – and separated from 1. FC Cologne 1: 1. Last weekend there was a 0-0 in Mainz. Incidentally, the last home level goes back to early March. At that time, RB Leipzig lost 0: 3. Since then, there were six games without defeat in the Black Forest Stadium (three victories).

Before starting: The focus is today the Black Forest Stadium, once over 50 years as a triple stadium once a term. Now it is said goodbye to take from the traditional venue. The sports club denies his last game at this time-honored place. Alone more than 350 Bundesliga and over 400 second league delivers have given it here. Europapokal was also played in the arena. In addition to nostalgic memories of the past 67 years and a large portion of wistful, however, there is certainly a certain anticipation of the new Europa Park Stadium, which will be inaugurated on 7 October with a friendly match against FC St. Pauli.

Before starting: Two changes are available at the guests. IAGO (shoulder injury) and Andi Zeqiri (Bank) are not found today in Augsburg s initial formation. For this MADS Pedersen and Ruben Vargas play from the beginning.

Gikiewicz – Gumny, Gouweleeuw, Oxford – Framberger, Dorsch, Pederson – Hahn, Caligiuri – Lechtechner, Vargas

Before starting: Compared to the last matchday, Christian Streich takes four changes. Instead of Yannik Keitel, Janik Haberer, Roland Sallai and Kevin pity, who today all take place on the bench, back Maximilian Eggestein, Nicolas Höfler, Vincenzo Grifo and Woo-Yeong Jeong in the Freiburg started.

Fleckken – Gulde, Lienhart, Schlotterbeck – Kübler, Eggestein, Höfler, Günter – Höler – Jeong, Grifo

Before starting: The team of coach Christian prank may probably be back on midfielektur Nicolas Höfler, the 31-year-old had last suspended due to a medium footprint.

Before starting: In the guests, there are slight changes compared to the victory against Mönchengladbach: Mads Pederson will probably get back for Iago in the defense. This has been struggling with shoulder problems since last week. In addition, Torgarant Florian low tissue is expected again in the starting element; Last weekend, he was only used as a joker due to injury, but scored 1: 0 in the 80th minute.

Before starting: If everything runs according to plan, arbitrators Daniel Schlager and his team will pipe the game at 5.30 pm.

Before starting: The game is held in the Freiburg Dreesamstadion a total of 14,500 spectators ago – the venue is fully utilized. It will be at the same time the last game in the time-honored stadium. After 25 years, the Breisgauer around in the Europa Park Stadium. The new building has 34,700 and thus more than twice as many places as the three-seed stadium.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Liveticker of the last game at this 6th matchday in the Bundesliga.

SC Freiburg vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga today in the LiveTicker – official listings

SC Freiburg: Fleecke – Gulde, Lienhart, Schlotterbeck – Kübler, Eggestein, Höfler, Günter – Höler – Jeong, Grifo
FC Augsburg: Gikiewicz – Gumny, Gouweleeuw, Oxford – Framberger, Dorsch, Pederson – Hahn, Caligiuri – Lechtechner, Vargas

SC Freiburg vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga today in live on TV and Livestream

Since the encounter between Freiburg and Augsburg is a Sunday game, you can see the game exclusively at Dazn .

The streaming service shows this season all Friday and Sunday games of the Bundesliga in the LiveStream. By the end of this month you can still secure the free probemonate of Dazn – so strike quickly!

Bundesliga: The current table in front of the Sunday games on the 6th matchday

Place | Team | Sp. | Goals | Diff | Pkt.
— | — | — | — | — |-
1. | Bayern Munich | 6 | 23: 5 | 18 | 16
2. | Bayer Leverkusen | 6 | 16: 7 | 9 | 13
3rd | VFL Wolfsburg | 6 | 8: 5 | 3 | 13
4. | Borussia Dortmund | 6 | 17: 12 | 5 | 12
5. | 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 6 | 6: 3 | 3 | 10
6. | 1. FC Cologne | 6 | 10: 8 | 2 | 9
7. | SC Freiburg | 5 | 6: 4 | 2 | 9
8. | 1. FC Union Berlin | 6 | 8: 8 | 0 | 9
9. | TSG Hoffenheim | 6 | 11: 8 | 3 | 8th
10. | RB Leipzig | 6 | 12: 7 | 5 | 7
11. | Borussia M Gladbach | 6 | 6: 9 | -3 | 7
12. | Hertha BSC | 6 | 7: 18 | -11 | 6
13. | Eintracht Frankfurt | 6 | 6: 9 | -3 | 5
14. | FC Augsburg | 5 | 2: 8 | – 6 | 5
15. | VfB Stuttgart | 5 | 9: 12 | -3 | 4
16. | Arminia Bielefeld | 6 | 3: 6 | -3 | 4
17. | VfL Bochum | 5 | 4: 13 | -9 | 3
18. | SPVGG Greuther Fürth | 6 | 4: 16 | -12 | 1

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Selected Bundesliga games live on Dazn. Get your free month now!

Bundesliga: today s Sunday games at a glance

Time | Home Team | Away team
— | — |-
15.30 VfL Bochum | VfB Stuttgart
5.30 pm | SC Freiburg | FC Augsburg

Defeat in Overtime Bayern set the start of the season in the sand

Ulm could convince in the first quarter and led after ten minutes at 23:20. However, the hosts could not be influenced. Especially the ex-Ulm Augustine Rubit and Darrun Hilliards made up to the break with 14 points each for an eight-point projection.

The Bayern already looked like the secure winner after the second change (52: 41/25. Minute). Then Ulm came back. After 30 minutes, the team shortened coach Jaka Lakovic to 55:58.

In the final portion, the Ulm was a minute before the end with 75:71 in front, Hilliard was three seconds before the end of the Bayern threw the extension. There, the Ulm had the better nerves and earned the first season win. Bayern s Hilliard (26 points) and Ulms Semaj Christon (27) were best protect.

BBL, 1st matchday

FC Bayern Munich – ratiopharm Ulm 83:86 N.V. (20: 23.23: 12.15: 20.17: 20.8: 11)

Points FC Bayern Munich: Hilliard 26, Thomas 20, Rubit 18, Jaramaz 10, Weiler-Babb 9 ratiopharm Ulm: Christon 27, Felicio 18, Simon 11, Zugic 9, Blossomgame 8, Bretzel 6, Klepeisz 5, Philipps 2 viewers: 3081

BG Göttingen – Brose Bamberg 76:82 (15: 25:22: 21:21: 13:18: 23)

Points BG Göttingen: Baldwin 23, Dickey 10, Toolson 10, Mönninghoff 7, Brown 5, Bryant 5, Kamp 5, Vargas 5, Hujic 3, Roberson 3 Brose Bamberg: Prewitt 19 , Sengfelder 16, Robinson 14, Heckmann 9, Lockhart 8, Simpson 8, Ogbe 4, 2, Omuvwie 2 Spectators: 2013

Fraport Frankfurt – Löwen Braunschweig 76:89 (21: 20:17: 15.21: 26,17: 28)

Points Fraport Frankfurt: Robertson 29, Badio 14, Moore 13, Donaldson 6, Haarms 6, Samare 5, Brennke 2, Wank 1 Löwen Braunschweig: Peterka 16, Krämer 14, Sehnal 14, Amaize 13, Brown 13, Classes 13, Turudic 4, B. Carpenter 2 Spectators: 1200

Giessen 46ers – Medi Bayreuth 86:74 (21: 22:14: 25:26: 19:25: 8)

Points castle 46ers: Blake 15, Koch 15, Alkins 13, Omot 13, Fayne II 12, Bryant 10, Ky. Anderson 5, Nawrocki 3 Medi Bayreuth: Allen 19, Thornton 13, Seiferth 11, Wells 10, Joesaar 9, Anim 8, Sajus 3, Jalalpoor 1 Viewers: 1450

Freiburg s last party at the Triey Gladbach wins the Borussen

Freiburg – Augsburg: At the 999th Bundesliga goal is the conclusion in the triple stadium

The SC Freiburg presented on Sunday evening its 360th Bundesliga game in the Dreisstadion and finished this with a clear 3: 0 against Augsburg. In the end there was 999 goals in this venue (531 of it for the SC) to admire – 149 victories, 95 draws and 116 defeats are under the bottom line. The last threesome against the Augsburg was already after 45 minutes under the roof and subject because the FCA was an all-too Braver party guest, the Kübler, Höler and Grifo invited from the penalty point to the goal shooting. After the final whistle, the emotions cooked again high – SC coach Christian Streich climbed into the Freiburg fan block and agreed with megaphone for singing.

Bochum – Stuttgart: VFB for the first time to zero, but offensively barely available

The first Sunday game of the 6th matchday ended with a zero number between the VfL Bochum and the VFB Stuttgart. In the first section, the Swabia disappointed in the game forward, but the climber from the area could not use his superiority to goals. This was too much part of a multiple times very well-reactive VFB-Keeper Müller. After change, the Matarazzo-eleven was a bit bolder and cheered by Mavropanos hits, but the defender had stopped the ball shortly before graduation with his hand. Through the gobless Remis, both teams continue to wait for the second victory in the league.

Gladbach – Dortmund: Matchwinner Zakaria – BVB charged and decimated

The Borussen duel between Gladbach and Dortmund went with a tight 1: 0 to the foals. When returning BVB coach Marco Rose to Mönchengladbach, the black-yellow had to give up his injured offensive forces Haaland and Reus. The game was not old yet old, as both teams were already in a first pack – the march route with many intensive two-fighting was set. Soccerist remained a lot of average, the leadership gate through Zakaria fell from nothing and was a random production between the Swiss midfielder and the shot Bellingham. As shortly thereafter the already warned Dahoud a referee decision with a derived arm movement commented , referee Aytekin sent the midfield man of BVB early to take a shower shortly before the break. In the second pass, Rose filed, but more Offensive Power did not develop the BVB with Hazard. Rather, the Gladbacher had several good actions to expand the result, but BVB-Keeper Kobel showed numerous class parades.

Gladbach Denis Zakaria cheered over the 1-0 against Dortmund. Imago Images / Chai V.D. Laity

Leipzig – Hertha: Nkunku swirls again – pressure drop at March

RB Leipzig had to win after only one victory at the previous five Bundesliga playing days, otherwise the raised goals of the Saxony would move in and more distant ones. Against favorite opponent Hertha BSC (only a win of the Berliner in the league), the march eleven therefore energetically launched and shot a soothing 3: 0 lead in the first 45 minutes. Again extremely playful showed Nkunku, who first hit and Poulsens 2: 0. The third goal against Desolate Herthan s worried Mukiele, Klostermann s goal was abnormal because of the offside. Anyone who had hoped for more resistance on the part of the Berliner after the side change was disappointed bitterly – only the Leipzig still played. Nkunku pulled out a penalty, the Forsberg sinked to the 4-0, marriage Nkunku marked his second goal with a worth seeing free triple stadium. The closing point to the 6-0 set Haidara. The Hertha has landed after the two wins against the promoted Bochum and Fürth Knallhart on the ground of the facts.

Frankfurt – Cologne: Many injuries and Borrés Premierentor

The 1st FC Cologne started sweeping at Eintracht Frankfurt and and went to a nice combination by Skhiris first hits on Saturday afternoon. But the sweep fitted quickly, rather the game was now very crushed by numerous injury pauses – the Frankfurt Durter and the Kilian Kilian had to. Accordingly, the first pass was extended by eight minutes, and in the detention time of Borré with its premier hit for the SGE considered. In the second section, the Cologne was more active and went by Kainz in the lead, but the best ways was out of the way, so that after the minutes of review the hits for the FC was returned. Of the Frankfurttern, in the second section no longer much – Kamada and Hinteregger appeared dangerous, but it was no longer enough to countable, so that the SGE is still waiting for the first victory under coach Oliver Glasner.

Leverkusen – Mainz: Matchwinner Wirtz with the number 10

The Leverkusen struggled against compact Mainzer in the first 45 minutes in vain. The Rheinhessen acted uncompromisingly in the two bikes and thus had little sense of joy at the Bayer-elf. Only after the sideways the actions of the Seoane-eleven became aimed purposeful – the wage was the leadership hit by Leverkusens Goalgetter Wirtz, who marked his tenth Bundesliga with the 1-0 – as young as he was with this brand still none in the Bundesliga history . The Mainz bought fresh forces for the offensive after the residue, but the households were neatly sorted and brought a hard victory thanks to the clear performance enhancement. Especially in Ingvartsen the great balancing opportunity lied when he failed to Bayer-Keeper Hradecky.

Union – Bielefeld: Joker Behrens Stitchens – Union Hometie holds

In the first section, Union Berlin returned to Arminia Bielefeld a variety of good opportunities, but the opportunity utilization of the Köpenicker left to be desired, so it went without goals in the half-time break. The air had to stop the viewers in the old forester, as Baumgartl and DSC center-tower Klos with the heads together and had to be brought to the Unioner with a stretcher. Bielefeld was a little bolder with a restart, had occasions by Klos and Hack, but the leadership for the Ostwestfalen would have been too much of the good at this time. After around an hour then the break in the game – on both sides. Only in the final phase it became dangerous and unions Joker Behrens rewarded the Iron with a Schleißschauf from a pointed angle as he thundered the ball for win under the latte of the Bielefelder Gate. Almost Behrens seconds had sat down, but he only met the latte. For the Fischer-Eleven it was the 20th home game in a row without defeat.

Unions Joker Behrens lets the Iron s late cheer. Imago Images / Matthias Koch

Hoffenheim – Wolfsburg: Despite Baku Schlenzer the first VfL bankruptcy

Hoffensheim was very difficult to create dangerous opportunities against Wolfsburg. In this respect, the leadership for the Lower Saxony was deserved by Bakus fine Schlenzer. Immediately before the pause whistle, the VFL defensive then slept with a room corner, and the so far in this round goalless Kramaric headed the surprising compensation. In the second round, however, it was passed by with the sovereignty of the Wolfsburg. Baumgartner scored the leadership for the Kraichgauer and Kaderabek dusted after a room free-kick for 3: 1 final score. For the VFL, the first Bundesliga defeat under coach Mark van Bommel was perfect.

Fürth – FC Bayern: FCB wins sovereign, Pavard looks red

A gloss performance as the recent 7-0 against promoted Bochum was not this time for FC Bayern Munich. Nevertheless, the reigning master offered on Friday night a total sovereign presentation in Fürth to the start of the 6th Bundesliga game day – and won after precise degrees of Müller (10th), Kimmich (31.) and an own goal of SPVGG Professional Griesbeck (68.) Sovereign. An early red card in the second section for PAVARD (48) pocketed the FCB away, as well as the late 1: 3 goal by ITTen (87.). And so the Turmhohe Favorite Defended Tableplace 1, while the shamrock with a lean pünkt still stopped rank 18.

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